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Mixer - Yamaha MG82 cx - help needed !


So Ive been slowly moving some G -gear ,from the music room into the living room . I run yamaha mixer to a singel Mackie SRM 450 cab. Here is the problem : The mixer has a L and R signal out (to speakers) .Using the phone (spotify) for music , I only get half the signal out -not stereo . Id like to get both signals (stereo) into my single Speaker . Any suggestions ? Thanks


I should mention my latest attempt , as here in the photo. In channel 4 , Im running the phone out (headsett) into L/mono ch , but I stil think somethings missing


The problem isn't with the board, it's the fact that you're running a 3-conductor stereo plug into a jack that's expecting a mono signal.

If you want a mono signal from a stereo source, you're going to need one of these to combine the stereo send from the phone into a mono signal. The drawback to this is that it can sometimes result in phase cancellation of certain frequencies.


Better yet, use one of these. and run each plug into a separate mono channel. If you do it this way, you can control and blend the L & R signals individually, plus you won't have the potential for signal phase cancellation. I recommend this over the simple 1/4" adapter...


The other problem with either one of these methods is a potential impedance mismatch, since the phone like uses an RIAA compliant output, but the channel strips do not. That's why there is a set of RCA jacks marked "2TR IN" on the board-- it's specifically designed for RIAA input (phone, cd player, tape deck, etc). This would be the ideal way to go, but the problem here is that you're only running one speaker, and the signal from the 2TR jacks are stereo throughout, all the way to the signal path to the output. You'll have two signals in, but with only one speaker/amp you'll still only get the signal through whichever output you choose (L or R).

Last thing-- in case you don't have a copy of the owner's manual for the mixer, here's a link to it:



Do I get this right? You listen in mono?

If you plug your phone into the '2-track in' with a cheap adapter you can use a Y-cable to the speaker (dual mono to stereo) from the outputs of the mixer and should be fine. But honestly: I'd get a stereo solution.


I could of course sneak inn the other 450 , that would be the best solution. And then the bass. But I'm trying to go unnoticed here. I'll go down and see what stereo to mono , or maybe the splitter if they have that - and run 2 channels. Now I feel confident that there is not a "mono" button on the mixer . Thanks !


I have a bigger version of this type of mixer. You need a stereo mini jack to double tulip and use channel 7/8.

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