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Looking for Electro Harmonix B9 Pedal


Who has an Electro Harmonix B9 pedal that isn't getting much use and that would consider selling it.


I have a C9, but I use it. To me it's more versatile-- includes a couple of Hammond settings plus several other 60's organ models.

Good luck in your search-- also good luck with the learning curve-- there is one. Biggest thing I found is that when using it, I have to THINK like a keyboard player, not a guitarist.


I completely get that, Rob. As soon as I began to try one out at a rehearsal the other night, it was immediately clear to me that you don't play cowboy chords on one of those things. They have to be voicings that sound like what a keyboard player would use. The voicings are what it is all about. The transitions between chords as well have to be thought through.

I tried out the B9, but have not heard of, or actually heard, the C9. What is the difference, as you understand it?


I probably need to swap my B9 for a C9. I'm "close" on the sound I need from the B9 but find myself flipping between modes and still can't quite find what I am trying to get. It's like I would use three modes on the B9 and maybe two on the C9.

I don't use the dry function for whatever that's worth.


I had one on my board this past weekend, if I'd known, you could have played with it and seen if you liked it.

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