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Looking for a good Compressor pedal


I've never used one before, but after watching a few demos, i thought i might try one out.

What are some good ones to look for? I hear (watched) good things about Wampler Ego. The JHS Pulp and Peel looks pretty good also (and i like their pedals a lot based on the ones i tried)

Any others? any thoughts on the ones mentioned above?


I've been using the Mr. Black Big Payback compressor. It uses a VCA chip, which IMO makes for a much cleaner, more predictable, and more versatile compression effect than a lot of the older designs using opamps. No fuss, no surprises, no artifacts. It's capable of all the classic sounds, sounds great in all settings, and has a few cool tricks up its sleeve (slow attack, expander). It's also made by a small builder who's circuit design I admire greatly.

I've also enjoyed an MXR Custom Comp, which offers a little more versatility than the classic Dyna Comp. If you tend to be fussy about noise, but want the "Dyna sound", look into the Truetone Comp 66, which has a built-in noise gate.


The compressor I liked best of all the ones I tried was the Three Leaf Audio Pwnzor (no idea what that name means). It has a lot of headroom; more than most. I want a compressor to be absolutely 100% clean 100% of the time, and most of the ones I tried would get overdriven (just a little, but I could hear it) by a guitar with strong pickups if I hit it hard.

This one also has a switch for "Modern" and Vintage" compression that changes between those two compression styles.


the only one I've ever liked is a little xotic SP job. At least, I think that's what it's called.


Where is Proteus when you need him??

I've been mainlining the CMATMODS Deluxe Signa Comp. I used the Keeley 4-Knob for several years before that and really enjoyed it. (I saw that they just revamped that compressor this year too.) I started my addiction with the BOSS CS-3 and that works fine and dandy too! The flavor you get depends on how you want to use it. I find ones with an EQ knob and controls for attack (and release if offered) are handy if you're a fussbudget. The Signa Comp has been especially accommodating to my 6120 since I brought the latter home.

I don't leave home without a compressor anymore. Definitely worth your time!


the only one I've ever liked is a little xotic SP job. At least, I think that's what it's called.

– Baxter

I second that emotion. Xotic makes good stuff. Factor in the small size and versatility and you have a winner in my book.


janglebox (and variations)...if you like country or mcguinn chimey style comp..adds some top boost

origin cali 76 if you want studio quality...albeit pricey...but sweet



the only one I've ever liked is a little xotic SP job. At least, I think that's what it's called.

– Baxter

Yup, that's the one. Sounds nice with G-buckers. I have one and really like it. If you're a 12 string player, the Jangle Box is the one. Nails that chimey McGuinn sound if that's what you're looking for. They also give that great Nashville spank to a Telecaster.


The Way Huge "Saffron Squeeze" is incredible, and not too pricy. That was a rare one-and-done purchase for me


Keeley GC-2 is my compressor of choice. The Cali 76 is also absolutely stellar.


Right out of college, in the early 70's, I bought 2 MXR Dynacomps (probably $29 apiece) from Bennie Cintioli Music in NE Philly. In 2017, I still have them both, they both still work, and with a new 9 volt battery every year or so, they still sound great.


I agree with Proteus on the Janglebox.. After hearing all the hype on the JB, I just had to get one.. And while I do like it, it doesn't do anything that my Dyna Comp can't do..

It's noisier than I expected, but so is the Dyna Comp. In fact, I find them very similar..

I'll keep it - Probably because I have a Rickenbacker. But it left me wondering what the big whoop is...


I've used the boss cs-3 which has since been modded. This greatly improved the pedal.

However, that is my backup. I have used the keeley two knob and really liked it. I wanted that tone and upgraded to their four knob version and have no desire to change after a couple of years with that pedal. It's a great pedal that can be found used for a good price.


Another vote for the Diamond!

That Pedal Show has a nice comparison:

A YT-channel I recommend for any pedal :)


Compressors are personal, try a load & see what you like best. I tried a bunch & ended up with a Diamond. Not too complicated & doesn't mess with your pick attack, unlike the Boss CS-3 I had before. I don't know how I managed without one for all those years. Great on clean tones, horrible on overdrive tones.


Well thanks for the comments everyone! I ended up ordering a JHS Pulp n' Peel. it's was a demo modal so i got a great price on it. just arrived yesterday. so far i like it! pretty cool with the blend control and the EQ, i can real dial in as much or as little as i want. i liked the line out feature. i haven't tried it yet but i like the idea for recording guitar and bass. So far all the JHS pedals I've gotten are excellent.


I've heard good things about both the Marshall and the MXR. Is there any way for you to try them out before committing? I know the guitar shop near me lets me buy things then return them within 30 days if I don't like it, no questions asked, as long as it's in its original condition.

Also, have you scoured https://wisepick.org/best-c... for user reviews yet?


I guess the first question is why you want to use one. What sound improvements are you hoping to achieve? Dependent on your musical styling, amp generally used, and where you play regularly you may not need one (don't hate me on this guys). One thing to think about. Pay for a quality guitar cable. Monster pro-link is a good choice. But, there are others. This can really help clean up your current sound. IMHO


Another vote for the Xotic SP.


Marshall and the MXR both are good and comfortable to use. You must try both before buying. I know a shop who allows customers to try the guitar for an hour and then they can buy if they like it. You can check other reviews also for Marshall and MXR


The best guitar compressor is a tube amp.


Before you decide on a pedal you owe it to yourself to consider or try one an ELECTRO HARMONIX BLACK FINGER compressor pedal. There's a lot of info about them and some YOUTUBE videos demonstrating them. I have one personally and "they" say they are about as close to a studio compressor you can get, somewhat like the Teletronix LA-2A but WAY cheaper!!! You can usually find one at a good deal on EBAY. They run at 300 volts with 2 - 12AX7 tubes. Vintage!! Just my 2-cents worth! Steve

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