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Line 6 Helix


In my never ending quest for the ultimate rig, I brought home one of these from GC. I have 44 more days left to figure it out. Seems like this could be a unit where I can set up great sounding presets or virtual stomp boxes for the effects that I like and either run it through my amp, or set up the same presets with amp and cab emulation and run it right through the mixer or FOH at a venue that has its own system. Might be able to travel a bit lighter.

I have a great pedalboard which I will keep, but if this works, I'll unload the Nova System.

Anyone here ever try one of these?


I have the much more lowly M13 multi effects unit and really like it. I also have vintage Fender amps and boutique pedals, but the reality is most people can’t tell the difference once you’re in the band setting. In my opinion, if it inspires you to play, it’s a good thing. Also, I’ve watched many rig rundowns and a lot of serious guitarists have Line 6 equipment somewhere in the mix.

I would love to try a Helix. I think if you invested the time, they’d be a seriously amazing tool. My only concern with digital equipment is if anything breaks on the electronics side, they are a write off.


I mean this from the bottom of my heart. Good Luck!!!!!


I've been using one for about 2 years. Love it and I've barely scratched the surface of what it can do. There's a great group of Helix users on Facebook if you do FB.


Check out Richie Castellano. He's a guitarist for Blue Oyster Cult and hosts the Band Geek podcast. He uses Helix a lot and has posted youtube videos for Helix settings and other tips.


Fantastic unit. The channel below has some of the best tutorials I've seen for the HELIX. If you can't get a GREAT sound out of the unit after diving into these tutorials, the HELIX is not for you.



Thanks, folks. Set up a basic pedalboard last night with help from a Youtube video from a guy named Peter Honore. The adventure will continue. The Helix seems to have limitless possibilities. Wish I had limitless time.


I have thePod XT. For almost 12 years. I’ve used it live. And through my tube amps with tone set to neutral. As the poster above says, it really does inspire me to play. Congrats!


I have the XTLive and love it. I started getting a little trouble from it and bought a spare in case I lose it. After taking the first one apart it seems it was a dirty output trimmer on the back. Now that’s cleaned up I have 2 set up and ready to go.

Try not to get too twisted up in what it can do. Truth is it can do more than most people want and the apparent limitlessness of it can be a bit intimidating. Start off getting a decent simple sound then add as and when you need to.

FWIW, I’ve actually switched out the amp simulator recently and I’m digging my sound more than ever.


Update: Set up several pedalboards on this unit and gigged with it twice - once in the duo and one solo show. The Helix is a keeper. The Helix has a number of in/out choices which include 1/4" in, 1/4" in aux for active pickups, 1/4" mono or stereo out, XLR mono or stereo out, I/O for external effects and more. You can assign inputs and outputs as you wish.

I have several "pedalboards" for electric guitar that I have set up on the Helix to run in front of an amp. This has enabled me to quickly dial up effects that are a bit more song specific than I could get out of my pedalboard of stomp boxes. At the same time, I have created an acoustic pedalboard on the Helix, using aux in and XLR out right to the PA. I switch back and forth between acoustic and electric during gigs, so it's nice to have one device that works for both. I've run the Helix split between the amp and the PA for the duo and split into two separate channels on the Bose system for the solo gig. Most of the patches I created at home sounded great during the gigs, but I had to do a little tweaking which I expected. A little more will probably be needed . The delays are great and the overdrives are nice too. Several tremolo choices. I haven't even seriously touched effects such as flanger and phaser. I found a wah that I like, but unlike my Fulltone Clyde with the on /off switch in the toe down position, I have to assign a separate switch. So far that is the only slight negative I've found.

The Helix has customizable "scribble strips" for each stomp switch, so you can custom name your effect assigned to that switch. The scribble strips are lit as well. I have found that the Helix is more transparent than my regular pedalboard when run straight through without effects on - less tone suck.

I tried a TC Electronic Nova for a couple of years. Although I know Billy Dlight has had success with his, I couldn't get used to the lag when turning effects on and off. The Nova has great delays and other effects, but I just couldn't find an overdrive that I really liked. I know others have found overdrives that suit them in the Nova, just not me.

My next step is to dial in a number of pedalboards with amp and cab sims so that I can go right to a PA or house system and not bring an actual amp when I want to travel light. I will be keeping my regular pedalboard in addition to the Helix for a couple of reasons: I already own it and I still like it. I suppose I have also learned to have a backup around anyway, because things fail.

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