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Lexicon Omega usb


Anyone using one of these for recording onto a Mac? Any good? Can an old twit like me, who regards anything more complicated than a volume control as hi-tech, learn to work it? Any drawbacks? Anything similar but better? It seems to come bundled with Cubase, but will the Lexicon box work with other recording packages? -- I ask because the folks I'll be bothering for assistance say they don't like Cubase (for reasons I don't understand). Of course, they run stuff that could probably have reprogrammed the space shuttle, which is why I'm asking the well-informed but kindly folks on GDP.

I'd actually like to stick to tape and an open reel eight-track, but have you seen the price of tape these days? Reluctantly it's time to move on before I'm too old to understand anything.


I use cubase Dave , well probably about 5% of it . I find it no problem with the mac . Never used the omega but it looks ok . I use a UAD Apollo twin great unit but a big jump in price from the Lexicon unit.

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