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Just tried a Rockett Majestic overdrive.


I have some favourite ODs already but man, I'm impressed with this one! Supposed to have a Les Paul meets Marshall tone (Aren't they all??), but the Majestic really howls. Very good EQ, bass and treble, a fat top end with plenty of definition and a great low end, perfect for a Gretsch.

Plus it has enough range on the gain pot to make it a great clean booster. The enclosure is smaller than it looks, has all the jacks on top and is made out of heavy duty sheet steel so will take a beating.

I often struggle with ODs and a 6120 - although the Fetto has been my life line for a long time now. I liked the Rockett Blue Note but this one is even better. Better tuned to sound quite natural. If you get the chance check it out - I'm super impressed.


Yes ,they make good stuff, using their Gunthrie Trapp signature model and really liking it.


My favorite overdrive after 20 years has been the Bad Cat 2-Tone for sound. But it's huge and requires 120 volts AC. It basically adds two 12AX7 worth of gain in front of the amp.

For a small box that uses a 9V battery I like the Snouse Bluesbreaker clone the most.


I love the Badcat Two-tone! I used one for years. Just a couple of weeks ago I plugged in my old Two-tone and put it next to a little OD I like a lot, and set them up to sound as close to each other as possible - which is how I use both pedals anyway. I did a blind taste test, so I would play through one or the other without knowing which it was. I found that I could fool myself which one I was playing through.

I suspect that I could repeat that test with the Two-tone and the Majestic. The Majestic may be a tiny bit more compressed but it would be very close. The Two-tone is great, but I like the tiny footprint of the Majestic or my other fave. Plus I don't have to worry about tubes getting noisy.


Someone gave me one of these

It's almost a modeling pedal. I can get Vox or Supro sounds out of it. Very cool and from what I've seen, they are affordable. The most functional tone knobs I've ever used


I saw that on the proguitarshop email, sounds intriguing. I wonder how it compares to other "Marshall in a box" pedals like the Dirty Little Secret, RAH, Box of Rock, et al. Myself, I'm working on a modified Rat circuit for that hard-rock crunch.

Rocketts pedals seem to be well-designed and well-made, and I've been lusting after their Archer for some time.


Hey Otter - I've tried most of 'em! I don't understand why so many folks rave about the Dirty Little Secret - i thought it sounded awful. Can of bees. The Box of Rock is very cool but a little lacking in mids, and has a very harsh attack. Ok if you crank it, but not so good at lower gain. I generally use a lot less gain than most players. The Majestic sounds amazing at lower gain levels.

Funny you should mention the Rat - a lot of the more popular BJF pedals like the Honey Bee, Model G, etc are based on a Rat but have a few extra tweaks which make them sound way different. My fave home-brew OD is based on the Honey Bee but I separated the bass and treble sections of the tone knob and have made a few other changes and now it's a low gain monster. Very tough sounding and low compression. Amazing with a Gretsch.


As Guitar Capo reminded me about the Two-tone I plugged it in again today - it really is a great OD. So I did a bit of blind comparing and the Majestic holds up very well - I managed to get them mixed up a couple of times. They can sound incredibly similar. I am even more impressed with the Majestic now I did that and have had more time to test it. It's a keeper for sure.

It's sound is not absolutely identical to the Two-tone and they can do different things, but I think they are equally good. The Majestic is so well voiced that it can work with more guitars than most ODs and is spectacular with my SSLVO. I try a crazy amount of overdrives, have some favourites, find many over-rated (Catalinbread, Fulltone) but only a few stand out for what I do. I'm stoked to find the Majestic. One of the best.


BETTER THAN THE BLUE NOTE? That's seriously high praise and puts me into the uncomfortable position of having to reconsider if I really have all the overdrive pedals I need.


Sounding great with a Filtertron Gretsch? That's the only thing I'm not fully satisfied with but to be honest I just use a different guitar when I'm looking for this sound. The Rockett Blue Note with my Telecaster sounds ridiculously good.


When I say better than the Blue Note I mean better for me - it may not be for you with your guitar, your amp, etc. But I do think it's better tuned - the EQ is in just the right place for me. The Blue Note is a great OD - but I do like the Majestic better.

If you get the chance, try it. You might hate it! For my sound it is very close to perfect. My amps are a tight, big sounding tweed sound. It might not work so well with BF amps, but I think it would sound good through anything.


With time to do more testing, I can definitely say that I LOVE the Majestic with the Gretsch. It's just about as good as it gets. I do have a pedal of my own which is based on the Blue Tone which I still like with the Gibson, however. The 225 and my Bluenote derived pedal are a killer combo too.

The pedal i use for the 225 is kind of a cross between the Bluenote and Wampler Ecstasy, which is not as sill as it sounds, as Brian Wampler had a hand in both. I just kept the low-gain bits, swapped some caps here and there, and ended up with a super punchy OD which is tuned for the Gibson. It's not as perfect for the Gretsch though.

I'm still blown away by the Majestic/Gretsch combo.


JimmyR what kind of music do you play? In other words, does that drive help with AC/DC or Stray Cats?


Jimmy, tell me more about your circuit! Is it proprietary? Do you feel like sharing?


Hey Daddy Dog - When I play my Gretsch it's more in the Rockabilly style, and with the Majestic I can go from '50s Deluxe turned up a little to RHH. It's perfect for the RHH stuff. I usually set up an overdrive so that if I hit gently it's clean - or nearly clean - and when I hit harder it's dirty enough to get a little bite and compression. The Majestic holds everything together enough though that I can do ACDC if I want!

If I turn the treble up a bit and use both pickups I can get really close to a Stray Cat Strut sound. With the bridge pickup I like to get the twang on the bass strings while still having fat trebles and the Majestic does this better than anything else i have used, and has a juicy complex midrange which is so vocal with the 6120. Hard to describe, awesome to experience.

Otter, sure - I have drawn a stripboard layout based on others I have found online. I really don't like to copy other circuits exactly and share them but if I can work out a significant mod which sounds good to me I'm ok with it. I would make myself a PCB but I don't know how to do that so I use Vero. I can email you a diagram if you like?


Sure, do you have a schematic as well?


According to Rockett's web site, the pedal was modeled after the Led Zeppelin "How the West Was Won" Jimmy Page LP --> Marshall tone.

The Majestic Overdrive is our take on the classic 70’s rock tone. Inspired by Led Zeppelin’s How the West Was Won, we set out to create the ultimate Jimmy Page style overdrive. We made a pedal that has amp like sensitivity, chewy sag and squawk all while letting your guitar’s natural tone shine through. This overdrive is perfect for single coil and humbucker pickups and will fit right at home on any pedalboard ready to rock!


No schematic but it wouldn't be difficult to draw one from the layout - it's all pretty simple.

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