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Just tried a Rockett Majestic overdrive.


I have some favourite ODs already but man, I'm impressed with this one! Supposed to have a Les Paul meets Marshall tone (Aren't they all??), but the Majestic really howls. Very good EQ, bass and treble, a fat top end with plenty of definition and a great low end, perfect for a Gretsch.

Plus it has enough range on the gain pot to make it a great clean booster. The enclosure is smaller than it looks, has all the jacks on top and is made out of heavy duty sheet steel so will take a beating.

I often struggle with ODs and a 6120 - although the Fetto has been my life line for a long time now. I liked the Rockett Blue Note but this one is even better. Better tuned to sound quite natural. If you get the chance check it out - I'm super impressed.


Yes ,they make good stuff, using their Gunthrie Trapp signature model and really liking it.


My favorite overdrive after 20 years has been the Bad Cat 2-Tone for sound. But it's huge and requires 120 volts AC. It basically adds two 12AX7 worth of gain in front of the amp.

For a small box that uses a 9V battery I like the Snouse Bluesbreaker clone the most.


I love the Badcat Two-tone! I used one for years. Just a couple of weeks ago I plugged in my old Two-tone and put it next to a little OD I like a lot, and set them up to sound as close to each other as possible - which is how I use both pedals anyway. I did a blind taste test, so I would play through one or the other without knowing which it was. I found that I could fool myself which one I was playing through.

I suspect that I could repeat that test with the Two-tone and the Majestic. The Majestic may be a tiny bit more compressed but it would be very close. The Two-tone is great, but I like the tiny footprint of the Majestic or my other fave. Plus I don't have to worry about tubes getting noisy.


Someone gave me one of these

It's almost a modeling pedal. I can get Vox or Supro sounds out of it. Very cool and from what I've seen, they are affordable. The most functional tone knobs I've ever used


I saw that on the proguitarshop email, sounds intriguing. I wonder how it compares to other "Marshall in a box" pedals like the Dirty Little Secret, RAH, Box of Rock, et al. Myself, I'm working on a modified Rat circuit for that hard-rock crunch.

Rocketts pedals seem to be well-designed and well-made, and I've been lusting after their Archer for some time.


Hey Otter - I've tried most of 'em! I don't understand why so many folks rave about the Dirty Little Secret - i thought it sounded awful. Can of bees. The Box of Rock is very cool but a little lacking in mids, and has a very harsh attack. Ok if you crank it, but not so good at lower gain. I generally use a lot less gain than most players. The Majestic sounds amazing at lower gain levels.

Funny you should mention the Rat - a lot of the more popular BJF pedals like the Honey Bee, Model G, etc are based on a Rat but have a few extra tweaks which make them sound way different. My fave home-brew OD is based on the Honey Bee but I separated the bass and treble sections of the tone knob and have made a few other changes and now it's a low gain monster. Very tough sounding and low compression. Amazing with a Gretsch.


As Guitar Capo reminded me about the Two-tone I plugged it in again today - it really is a great OD. So I did a bit of blind comparing and the Majestic holds up very well - I managed to get them mixed up a couple of times. They can sound incredibly similar. I am even more impressed with the Majestic now I did that and have had more time to test it. It's a keeper for sure.

It's sound is not absolutely identical to the Two-tone and they can do different things, but I think they are equally good. The Majestic is so well voiced that it can work with more guitars than most ODs and is spectacular with my SSLVO. I try a crazy amount of overdrives, have some favourites, find many over-rated (Catalinbread, Fulltone) but only a few stand out for what I do. I'm stoked to find the Majestic. One of the best.


BETTER THAN THE BLUE NOTE? That's seriously high praise and puts me into the uncomfortable position of having to reconsider if I really have all the overdrive pedals I need.


Sounding great with a Filtertron Gretsch? That's the only thing I'm not fully satisfied with but to be honest I just use a different guitar when I'm looking for this sound. The Rockett Blue Note with my Telecaster sounds ridiculously good.


When I say better than the Blue Note I mean better for me - it may not be for you with your guitar, your amp, etc. But I do think it's better tuned - the EQ is in just the right place for me. The Blue Note is a great OD - but I do like the Majestic better.

If you get the chance, try it. You might hate it! For my sound it is very close to perfect. My amps are a tight, big sounding tweed sound. It might not work so well with BF amps, but I think it would sound good through anything.

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