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JHS Milkman Delay pedal?


Does anyone here have experience with the JHS Milkman? I have been using the El Cap for years now and while I like it, inreally only need a decent slap back and that’s it. What are your impressions of the Milkman?


Sorry no help here. The Strymon covers your slapback needs, why a second pedal? Just curious. I


If you only need slapback then maybe a Strymon is overkill! If I am paying a gig where I just need slapback I use a TC Mini Flashback. Tiny footprint and no need for a fancy transformer.


This is not a rational gripe but I’m getting irritated by the Strymon‘s vast potential sitting at my feet unused. It’s also a big pedal.


Indeed it is big and a bit complicated to use live and a has a steep learning curve.

I suggest a Boss DM3/DM2 or the DM2 Waza. The Waza has a longer delay time, and a selectable buffer/true bypass switch if you're into it. I have all of it, I prefer the Waza slightly.

MXR Carbon Copy works very well too, honestly any delay pedal can get a decent slapback.


Waza is cool - lovely sounds. I always found the Carbon Copy a bit grainy and tone-sucky - but plenty of players don't!


JimmyR, I got tired of the DM2/3 cause it is short for Sleepwalk settings. The Waza solved that. Boss sure know how to update it. On slapback, all pedals have it.

When I was looking for a longer delay, its either the CC or Waza, Boss wins.


Yeeeeeeeeah, I’m not sure I like the Boss or the Carbon Copy. I was hoping to get some feedback for the JHS specifically because it seems to do what I want. Maybe I can didn’t shop that stocks them.


Oh if it was between Boss and Carbon Copy I would go DM2 Waza every time!


I have the Milkman pedal. If it's straight up slap back you want, it's got it. The boost stomp/knob is a bonus if you have no other means to add some volume for a solo. But I have found the knobs for Repeats and EQ do very little. If I recall correctly, it cannot use a battery... needs a power supply.


I also have the El Cap, and the basic gripe I have is the special power requirements. I can't move it from one board to another. The Milkman draws only 27mA. I still love the flexibility of the El Cap, and have used it a few times for long delays and repeats.


Yeeeeeeeeah, I’m not sure I like the Boss or the Carbon Copy. I was hoping to get some feedback for the JHS specifically because it seems to do what I want. Maybe I can didn’t shop that stocks them.

– Nick45

If you're looking for small, simple and slapback, and you don't need the boost, I'll echo what JimmyR said : TC mini. It's tiny, half the price of the JHS, and with the desktop editor you can really tweak it for your specific needs.
It sounds fairly unspectacular as it comes, but that "toneprint" edit thing is pretty damn cool. In about 20 minutes, I took TC's echoplex preset and tweaked it a little so it lost the awful chorussy modulation everybody seems to love, gave the repeats a hint more treble, and tweaked the range of the controls so the maximum delay time is around 250 milliseconds, making the taper of the controls a lot less fussy if slapback is all you want to dial in. I was able to set it up for my ideal idea of Rockabilly slapback with minimal fuss.


I need to check that out, Walter, thanks for the tip!


Hey Walter - pleased that you got into the TC Mini! I really think it's under-rated. Less tone-suck then pretty much anything else and capable of excellent sounds. I just use the TC 2209 setting and it works perfectly for me. Thing is you can pick them up really cheaply these days - under $100 on Ebay most of the time. And not picky with power supplies.

Strymon pedals can sound great - I have a Flint which is brilliant but even thought I use a recommended power supply it's temperamental. Makes me nervous to gig with. The worst offender was the otherwise excellent Timeline. It would reset itself mid-song sometimes and only produce the effect with no dry signal - this happened to me many times and on two different units with different (but always recommended) power supplies. To reboot it I had to unplug it and plug it back in again. Not something you want happening on a gig.

For the price of a Timeline I could buy enough TC Minis to do any gig I needed to play!


Not meaning to derail, but this is what I am using/experimenting with right now. It's quite compact and sounds excellent. There is an editing software package coming out next NAMM.


I've had good luck using a Way Huge Aqua Puss for slap. They're pretty cheap (and the newer ones are a much smaller box than the first series) and sound great.


I'm surprised to hear of trouble with Strymon pedals. I was a fairly early adopter, and have all the usual suspects - and never the first hint of trouble (reliability or otherwise) with any of them. I've used the big boxes' supplied adapters until I went all isolated power, and they worked fine. I used the Flint and El Cap for years on a OneSpot daisy chain, again with no trouble.

In fact I've never heard of problems like that with Strymon, Jimmy. I'm not doubting you - I'm just surprised.

But yeah, most Strymons are certainly overkill just for slapback. BUT - maybe not the Deco. It does excellent slapback (and a little bit longer), and has a raft of other useful functions as well, including a very nice overdrive and several emulations of dual-tape-deck short-and-shorter delay-time tricks. Pricier than most other options, but possibly an ideal rockabilly-as-she-was-recorded tool.


I initially thought the Deco would be the ticket when it came out, Tim. But I think that having effects that I not only don’t need but actively don’t want (phaser, chorus) defies the purpose of changing out pedals in the first place. I think I’ll stick with the El Cap for now, it’s a luxurious ‘problem’ to have.


Mmm, I don’t really hear phaser or chorus, per se, in the Deco. At low time offsets (“Lag”) between the “decks,” shorter than the threshold where the ear starts to separate the notes, there are some flange (and stop-flange) effects, and with the Wobble turned up, those sounds can get at least minimally chorusy.

So I just don’t use them. Like you, I try actively to avoid obvious chorus and phasing - and flanging too, for that matter. But I like (sometimes subtle) animation in my tone, and I often look for unobtrusive stereo widening that’s only evident when I turn it off. I’ve found low Wobble settings at particular Lag offsets that provide animation without chorusing me in the face - and numerous settings below the threshold of actual slapback which widen the stereo image admirably (even mysteriously). Of course those effects only matter if you play in stereo.

I didn’t know exactly how I’d use the Deco before I got it - just knew I liked the concept. As it turns out, it’s become an almost-always-on pedal, but used almost as a utility. Besides occasional slapback and slightly longer delay effects - and the animated widening - the Saturation is kinda magic for warming, shaping, and conditioning. It doesn’t stand out or bark like distortion or overdrive, it just fattens and rounds a little, and takes the edge off what can be too-brittle cleans or too raspy dirt. Hard to explain, but it’s not quite like any other dirt or gain stage I have. It also works very well (like the rest of the pedal) near the end of my signal chain.

Maybe one of the coolest things about the Deco is how quickly and easily it can be dialed in. There seem not to be any bad sounds in it, so it’s very forgiving - and the dials manage the tricky feat of both providing audible differences all through their travel and NOT being at all overly fastidious about tiny positional changes. (Like where a sound is almost perfect at one setting, but too much or not enough at the next bit of rotation on the dial.) So while I usually have it on, it’s not always at the same settings - and it takes very little time to tweak between.

All that said, Deco is nowhere as deep as the El Cap in delay functionality, and for that matter almost any delay I can think of is a step down from the El Cap in both range and luxury of tone. It’s been around 10 years, and the hundreds of delays which have come out since then only serve to emphasize how good the El Capi is. (I certainly hope you’ve experienced it in stereo!) So yeah, it's the best candidate I know to be the one delay to have if you’re having only one. A luxurious problem indeed.

It’s just that if you feel you’re not enjoying enough of its depth to justify it, the Deco might give you all the delay you need while also providing other functions you might use more.


I had forgotten about the Deco - it really impressed me a great deal. But the dreaded Strymon power supply issues put it out of my mind. Maybe it's because I'm in a country with 240-250VAC?

If the power supply wasn't an issue i could see myself using just the Deco and a tuner for rockabilly gigs. But for now a tuner, a Rockett Majestic and a TC Mini-Flashback make a fab tiny pedalboard which does everything I need for a rockabilly gig. Probably not much bigger than a Deco + tuner either.

FWIW - the Rockett Majestic is so good with all of my guitars, but it loves my 6120 and Jet particularly.


No such thing as "best product", only "best product for a given situation/set of needs"


Yeeeeeeeeah, I’m not sure I like the Boss or the Carbon Copy. I was hoping to get some feedback for the JHS specifically because it seems to do what I want. Maybe I can didn’t shop that stocks them.

– Nick45

have u used any Catalinbread pedals. JHS has a good company but Catalinbread KNOWS vintage delay sounds. Granted the strymon is overkill but it is REALLY great sounding for getting vintage slapback and runs on standard power supply. I have since dumped my El Capistan after designing my Mystery Brain bs-301 for vintage tape echo needs.

Though I still love Strymon and bought a Strymon Dig and an EHX Oceans 11 to cover my other needs but yet...... there is NOTHING on the planet better sounding than a vintage Boss DM-3 analog echo for the core basic. challenge me on that haha. I'll never get rid of it

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