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Jayce is in the Shed… Tremolo! Updates - Video!


I typed a big long post about the workings but lost it twice... Cause im an idiot, so heres the short!

Everyone loves tremolo right? :D

I do, i preordered the Nocturne Nailhead and its on its way! :D

Ive always loved the old DeArmond Tremolo with the fluid fill can. Due to the prices on eBay, im building my own. Its 18V to run of a power supply, not mains voltage.

Basicly how its works: Inside the tremolo unit is a liquid filled brass and glass canister, filled halfway with what DeArmond called a "hydro-fluid". The body of the canister is connected to ground. Inside the canister, insulated from the body, is an exposed pin connected to the incoming signal from the guitar.

A motor shakes the canister. When shaken, the liquid inside the canister splashes against the pin, sending the guitar signal to ground - meaning, the volume is reduced with every splash.

I worked on the fluid can today! Its copper pipe not brass like the original and with no glass sleeve. Mine has a clear acrylic plug.

You can see the signal pin and blue fluid inside..

Thast the prototype, i start a better quality one tomoro.

Heres a quick vid, sorry for the bad quality. http://youtu.be/oX8SoUbr4mo


W00T! What a fantastic build. I love the steampunk vibe of tht thing!:D

An that trem sound very usable too. Talking about a creamy, fluidic sounding trem, LOL!:)

Awesome Jayce.:P


Thanks Michiel! Pretty cool technology for 1949 eh? :D

I didnt have that little circuit grounded or anything so it should be pretty quiet one in a chassis.


Didn't I see that same gizmo on the latest version of "Mission Impossible"? 8-)


What a great gizmo. I want one. Never mind the motor — I can give the band's singer a sign mid-song that says: "Go give my amp a kick, please." :)

Didn't I see that same gizmo on the latest version of "Mission Impossible"? 8-)

-- General_Lee

Nope too cool for that little goon Tom Cruise...

Thanks guys! I was pretty excited that it actually work!

Ill be working on it tonight and tomoro!


I think that Mr. Duane Eddy used one of those DeArmond tremolos...I seem to remember seeing one next to his Danelectro at the RnR HOF. I also recall hearing that the liquid inside the originals was highly toxic?


Thanks Chad!

Mark, i have heard of Duane using one before. Maybe Deed could shed some light on this?..

There seems to be a big thing about these being filled with Mercury.. I dont know about other brands but as far ive read and been told the DeArmond's were filled with plain old windex!

Its only gotta be somthing Conductive. Plain old water would do, but apparently it was windex!


Found this thread here...not sure if it's the same unit....



Haha yep, sounds like the same thing.

Ive been that that they wern't mercury! But the windex works fine as in my vid.

Its thirdhand info but still... DeArmond Tremolo Link


Super cool Jayce! don't forget to include Pix of the next unit...


That's cool, but I was wondering, who are you going to have to shake it for you while you play, like in the video?? :D


That is just too cool. Such simple, effective idea.


I love the DeArmond Trem-trol...but eBay prices are keeping me from living the dream


Jayce, you are quite the crafstman. I truly admire abilities like yours, and Curt, Tavo, Paul Setzer, and whomever I'm leaving out, I apologize to.


Those old "oil can" delays sound really good too.


Juke: I though i could just attach it my strumming arm? ;-)

Tavo: Yeah thats pretty much the only page with info, ive emailed Dan. He an awsome guy, huge help! Didnt know he was a member here.

Bear: Thank you, your too kind! I wish i could play guitar like you! Thats a skill :)

Thats why im building one cause ebay prices a just stupid! !#$@%


Those old Fender/Tel-Rays are probably my favorite slapback echo/verb ever. The tape delays are cool for atmospheric stuff, but you just can't go wrong with a slap and a touch of verb!

FWIW... the WET Reverb actually sounds alot like those Tel-Rays, believe it or not. Not sure what he's using for the chip, but there's always some bathtub slap mixed in with the echo on that one... just a touch, but it's very very nice.


Those things are cool! Ive heard about the oil can just never seen one!

Soldering up the new canister now! A bit nicer than the first one :D


Those things are cool! Ive heard about the oil can just never seen one!

Soldering up the new canister now! A bit nicer than the first one :D

-- jaycemumford

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