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In praise of G7th


As much as I love the G-B-D-F grouping, this is about the capo company rather than the chord.

I’ve been using G7th capos for over 10 years and I love them, but last week one of mine stopped biting properly and started slipping. I played with it awhile to see if I could see what was amiss, but the more I played with it the slipperier it got until it fell in two. I figured 10+ years’ lifespan wasn’t too bad, but...

...it turns out G7th offer a lifetime warranty. I dropped them a line and told them what had happened and no questions asked I got a brand new replacement NEXT DAY!

I’ve never been shy of recommending their capos, but after this outstanding customer service I just felt the need to shout a little louder about it.


Deke, I had the exact same experience with G7th. Great product, great customer service!


I recently got this capo. At $45 it wasn’t cheap, but it’s easy to put on and doesn’t pull the strings out of tune!


Yep, that’s the one. It’s such a good design and with a lifetime warranty for me the price is not unreasonable.


A real guitar player don't need no capo... He just lays his thumb over the bass side!

Actually had a guy tell me that one time...

Glad it worked out for you, Deke. I've been using Dunlop Trigger Capo's for years-- mainly with acoustics, but I keep hearing great things about G7 products... Guess I'm going to have to spring for one and see what all the fuss is about.

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