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I’m Banjo illiterate…Help!


You forgot "frailing" (or "beating") as a method of extracting noise from this contraption. While similar to clawhammer, it's technically different.

– Tartan Phantom

From my own point of view as an instructor, there's not much difference. More like a continuum. You can test this out for yourself. Begin with the basic strum, you know....bump-DIT-ty, bump-DIT-ty. Now fill in the missing eighth note after count 1 with a thumbed note on the second string, and you're beginning to add drop thumb, or double thumbing. Take that to logical conclusions and you can start playing fiddle tunes note for note. Take that to logical conclusions, and you may just have discovered the 19th century Stroke Style.

So Frailing-->Claw Hammer-->Melodic Claw Hammer-->Stroke Style are a continuum.


This thread has the best title.


19 fret neck would normally indicate a tenor banjo. It is a Kay and probably dates from the mid 60s into the early 70s. Does it say where it was made? If it was the USA it would be the mid 60s. By the late 60s and 70s I think all Kay products were made in the Far East.


Interesting thread. I have learned something yet again: stay away from banjos.

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