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I am SO gonna be the first kid on my block…


Because what the world needs is a pedal whose MOTORS mechanically overheat.

Nothing virtual about this box. It's gonna be a blast!

(And yes, these are the same guys who put a grand piano sustain pedal on a guitar pedal and use real live lightning-in-a-bottle plasma in a fuzzbox.)


Oh, dang.

That flicks my prog switch.


Wow... that’s already giving me riff ideas!!!


Wow! That’s something else!


Wow... that’s already giving me riff ideas!!!

I bet Jack White gets one.


New, my ass. The CIA has been using these to extract information from targets since the mid 1960s.


Actually, their "grand piano sustain pedal" is very cool.... just very expensive. But it's a damn site better than pedals like the EHX Freeze.

looks like it's still pulling $300 on the USED market.... if I was a "solo performer", it'd be worth the price...


Now THAT seems useful, and fun. Especially for slower stuff. But expensive indeed. Could be really useful in small combos as well as solo singer-songwriters. Nice to see him demoing with a Reverend as well.


Sound like something Muse might use.


I'm somewhat confused but does it stand alone or have to be used in conjunction with that keyboard? He makes it sound like it's used in concert with each other at the beginning of the video.


It’s an stand-alone example of the motors used as literal voltage-controlled oscillators in the synth they’re developing, just adapted for guitar input rather than input from the keyboard.

I hope they release the pedal before the synth, which is to be crowd-funded later this year.

With the success of their two previous products, I bet they could get the Motor pedal done without crowdfunding.

The keyboard will be fun too, but the pedal is more primal.


Oh sic! You will be going in debt then.


It's cool, but my tech brain screams "moving parts = shorter life through mechanical failure". Sort of like a mechanical computer hard drive, the motor could last 10 minutes or 10 years. Longevity could be a serious issue with this unit.


Just what every kid with a pompadour wants!


Buncha pedestrians, all of ya.

Me? I’m holding out for the gas-powered version.


Buncha pedestrians, all of ya.

Me? I’m holding out for the gas-powered version.

– tubwompus

The diesel version will be more powerful!


Well, whilst we're exploring Rube Goldbergian re-mechanized pedals (not a new theme; DeArmond's first tremolo was gloriously mechanical), we'd be remiss not to examine the fabulous 6,000.00 stirling-engine-powered

Zachary Vex Candela Vibrophase.


Pretty durn steampunk, ainit!

At the other end of history, there's the Dr. Scientist Heisenberg Molecular Overdrive. It's hard to link into a specific page of Dr. Sci's silly website, but even before the countdown finishes, you can click the graphic circle in the lower left side and get a pop-out menu to select the item you're actually interested in.


Here's what builder Ryan Clarke has to say about it:

Dr. Scientist—with help from the National Research Council of Canada, the National Institute for Nanotechnology and the University of Alberta—developed a way to use nanotechnology to create a molecular junction, a new kind of diode that saturates in a slower, smoother, more pleasing way than conventional, silicon diodes. What resulted was a new kind of overdrive pedal, featuring three gain stages: a MOSFET booster, an NPN transistor fuzz and an opamp distortion.

I don't know exactly what all that actually means - using nanotech to create a "molecular junction" - but of course I'm all for it.


It's cool, but my tech brain screams "moving parts = shorter life through mechanical failure"

Yes, that's a well-maybe consideration. But electric motors themselves - when properly built - are awfully reliable. I've had no trouble with the electric windows on 50-60-year-old cars, and the cheap little pancake motors in my Aurora HO Thunderjet slot cars, also from the 60s, just take a touch of lube and then fire right up.

Also, the guys at Gamechanger seem to build rugged and tough around all their components. I have the Plus Pedal, and it's a serious heavy piece of gear. Reminds me of early DeArmond construction (only more modern and sleeker). The Plasma pedal (since it incorporates a xenon tube that generates actual, like, awfully-high-temperature plasma) is similarly overbuilt.

I'm more than willing to take the risk in order to take the ride.


Ok... this thing (candle powered optical voodoo)is cool! If I were a wealthier man I would have a whole gaggle of such contraptions.
I’d have to start a steampunk band and bedazzle the audience with displays of steam and capacitance.


The diesel version will be more powerful!

– Hipbone

Now you’re just being silly.


I feel more cyberpunk just listening to it.


Sigh.... Whatever happened to basic combo rock & roll?

Perhaps if this pedal had been around 40 years ago, Lou Reed's Metal Machine Music might have been rendered listenable.


I noticed that in the opening moments of the interview the company rep said their objective is to "mangle sound"........

Yes I'm old. But I still think in terms od improving sound......


As my younger brother used to say " 10 cents worth of talent and 10 thousand dollars worth of equipment, or 10 thousand dollars worth of talent and 10 cents worth of equipment, produce about the same sound" or something along those lines?


10 cents worth of talent and 10 thousand dollars worth of equipment...

produce 10 cents worth of sound/entertainment/whatever.

It's not the tools, it's the workman.

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