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Well, I might be a year behind schedule for a few very good reasons, but my date with destiny is right in front of me.

Most of the remaining gear arrived yesterday...the rest expected shortly.

I figure I'll start the Freshman/Apprentice re-learning period as we enter the Holidays. I'll need to test all the set-ups for each instrument and rig, make reference recordings, etc.

I once saw a documentary on Jeff Lynne...he has his LA home all figured out...living room for this, bedroom for that, hallway for vocals, etc.

He even has his first 4-track machine still in good working order...


Are you planning on doing up your house Jeff Lynn style? That would be cool.


I want to be able to move things in and out and around in less than 10 minutes.

I have a "Music Room" and it will be fine for when I just go direct, and it has a nice stereo Hi-Fi set-up with good speakers for playback and mixdown.

When I want to record Piano or use Amps it will happen in the Living Room. It has hardwood floors...it will be curious how that will effect reverberation. I'll probably end up recording the room.

Our kitchen space has good separation but connected to the Living Room. We had been using the Dining area as a kennel for our elderly Bichon as she faded away through last Winter and Spring so at the moment that is available.

I teased my neighbors the other night during our Cul-de-Sac party that would be where the Drum Kit goes....

And we have a larger Master Bath with tile. That will uniquely reverberate, too.

2 Mics - 1 Dynamic/1 Condenser, 1 Tube Mic Pre-Amp, 1 Shure Impedance Matching XLR Female/1/4" Male adapter, 1 LR Baggs Para DI, (2) 4-track PortaStudios, 4 Amp Rigs, a pair PUTW undersaddle Piezos, a DiMarzio Black Angel, 12 guitars - 6 Acoustic/6 Electric, 1 Bass, 1 Piano, Tavo's Mystery Brain BS-301, a 10-band stereo Graphic Equalizer, etc....

I cannot expect myself to learn much more than this!

But, I can get really good at it...

It's only been 37 years since my last effort...Ha!


Sounds like fun! Break a leg!


You'll find out just how important the room's acoustics are. Carpets, drapes, and furniture placement can change everything. Have fun!


You know I have a pretty nice project studio where I record projects for people, but for myself, many times I record in my house. It's 100 years old with tall ceilings and wood floors in half the rooms. I have a small bedroom setup with a rack of some pretty nice preamps, I get the preamps into my computer via an 8 channel mackie interface that I'm using as an A/D converter and it's connected via ADAT lightpipe into a RME Babyface. The Babyface does all the routing. It's a pretty good sounding rig. And always keep a few good mics at home for when I want a serious take.

I also have an Apogee One for iPad interface for my iPad loaded with Auria Pro and it sounds GREAT.

Here's one of my favorite songs that I wrote and recorded at my house... https://soundcloud.com/dani...


There's no going back now! Welcome to the Home Recording world!!


Waiting on the 424 MkIII Service Manual and the more modern Remote Footswitch...

Then to get the Tascam's tuned up and everything checked-out by someone who knows better than I.

Then probably order some common replacement parts like belts and pinch rollers....


I've got a nice jam space set up in my basement, but no recording capabilities as of yet.
My house is currently listed on the MLS, so I'm waiting until I'm moved into the new place to do home recording.

I'm taking some inspiration from Stu Copeland, and his 'Sacred Grove' home studio. I can't do something that elaborate, but I like the idea of having everything essentially turnkey for live impromptu recording and user-friendly multi tracking.

One of the goals is to participate more in the RPM challenge held online every February. Anyone here familiar with it? A friend of mine has been doing it for a few years now, in addition to his usual home recording output. He's been encouraging me to take part, and it does sound like a fun creative exercise.


Waiting on the 424 MkIII Service Manual and the more modern Remote Footswitch...

Then to get the Tascam's tuned up and everything checked-out by someone who knows better than I.

Then probably order some common replacement parts like belts and pinch rollers....

– Twangmeisternyc

I have a 424 Mk II and I think it's a great little machine. I bought it a few years ago new in the box from a guy who's dad collected them. If you find a good resource for old TAscam parts let me know:)


I've found a few, need to have another chat with the Tascam folks...

That's why I need the Service manual to cross-reference.

The hard ones for parts seem to be the "2" series from the early 80s...234/244/246


even though the 2 series seems like the ones to get I've always preferred the 4 series. I think everyone wants one of the 2 series because that's what Springsteen recorded Nebraska on. He details what a pain in the ass that was in his book.


Some of us are still mesmerized by VU Meters....

– Twangmeisternyc

I just stick s preamp with meters in front of the 424:)


Waiting on the 424 MkIII Service Manual and the more modern Remote Footswitch...

Then to get the Tascam's tuned up and everything checked-out by someone who knows better than I.

Then probably order some common replacement parts like belts and pinch rollers....

– Twangmeisternyc

Degauss the heads!


The ART Tube MP in the first post is actually a very nice piece of gear. It's good sounding, inexpensive and amazingly versatile. Works as a pre for vocals, any acoustic instruments (used it on acoustic guitars and cello), DI-Box. Also worth experimenting on electrics since it can make a nice warm jazzy clean. You can even drive the tubes hard and have an overdrive. A friend toured with one and it's not made for the hard road but that's not what you intent to do. Have fun!


I bought the ART, and also a Degausser...

The Service Manual is coming by Snail Mail from the East Coast...tracking it has been like watching paint dry.

EDIT: In 9 days it's gone from Jersey City, NJ to Des Moines, IA...I can ride a bicycle faster than that!

I have had a tape eraser forever and a day...think I bought it in the 70's. Looks and weighs like a small Iron. I expect it to get a lot of use!


Received the Service Manual just before the Holiday...

My guess is at this point my one machine just needs a new 3-position slider switch for Track 3 Direct recording. It's not necessary to get full functionality, but it forces me to go inside and look around. I think repairing the switch is an option, too, versus finding a replacement.

I'm sure the Tascam Service people have switches from torn down machines...I have an email into them.

New belts for each already delivered...Pinch Roller Assemblies still on the hunt but I did find someone who rebuilds them with new rubber.

I set up my Shure SM57A Beta today with the Shure Impedance matching gadget into the LR Baggs, then to the Atlas and PRV Speaker Cabinet...very nice!

The ergonomics of using Mics is another thing to learn...today I was hunched over to just give everything a try, not very comfortable.

Maybe it's because I wrestled the Honda Snow Thrower for an hour clearing our Cul-de-Sac and Driveways for all my neighbors!

Bad on the hands and fingers, too. Sore.

I need to invite another good git player over and have them play through all my acoustics so I can hear for myself without having so many other tasks.

I will try the MXL770 Mic tomorrow....same set-up but with the ART Tube PreAmp.


If you really are looking to record vocals, acoustic, etc one of the best mic deals going is at PSSL for a MXL Revelation Tube mic (so no tube preamp needed) for $299


This is not a garden variety MXL mic. These mics originally sold for $1000 but MXL couldn't convince people to pay that much for an imported mic, so PSSL is blowing them out. For reference I own a ton of high end mics ($2000+) and this mic hangs with them. For setting up a little home recording area this would be perfect (It comes with all the cables you'll need and a nice box). Check the reviews on google.

Here's one from the snobby Gearslutz with Harvey Gerst (famous equipment designer, ie JBL) chiming in https://www.gearslutz.com/b...


Thx...I'll know when I'm ready for something so fine...great deal.


Well, everything is hunky dory so far with the MXL770 combined with the ART Tube MP Pre-Amp. Surprisingly quiet, I thought I might want a better 12AX7 in there.

I got lucky with my Acoustic Rig with the Atlas SS Amp and Full Range CoAx speakers. The PRV speakers took a little while to break in, a little too sensitive at first, but I'm very happy at the moment.

Whether the LR Baggs Para DI or the ART Tube MP Mic'd I can reach equal volume (Acoustic Guitar vs Mic'd vs Pickup) without any feedback, and I can get a mirror image of the tone to where my wife cannot tell them apart while sitting in between facing or back turned.


Aside from "sensitive" neighbors there's no reason NOT to do this.

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