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I've asked a few questions of late about gear.

I think I have my simplistic first step Shopping Cart ready to "click".

I need to set goals, but I figure over the next 5 years I should record with All my Instruments and Amps in pairings, out to no more than 6 Tracks....like 2 Overdubs...

The Living Room and the Music Room both sound fine, nice space. And now my Wife being Retired she'll be out of the house more!

My plan is to use 2 different types of Mics, AT2035 and SM57, a SoundCraft 8FX Mixer, a Tascam Pro CD-R/W 901 MkII Recorder, and a Tascam 3-Way (CD Play/USB Play and Record/Cassette Play and Record) A580 Deck.

We have a nice Dell 2-in-1 with Windows 10, UBS, SD Card, and an external R/W CD Drive.

I might need a Drum Machine, trying to avoid having to learn anything new!

I have been looking for 2 rebuilt Late 70' to mid-80's 3 3/4" Cassette Decks with Stereo Mic Inputs for a while now, just not satisfied. I still might hear back from one of the Vintage Audio Shops...


My 2 cents.... Make sure you've got a good pair of small speakers to listen back. Treat the space you're listening in.


The Music Room has a pair of mid-70's ADS L500's, and a 10-Band Stereo EQ....I'm sure I'll do some Sound-on-Sound.


Seems like you've got all the bases covered.


We'll see. All the takes need to be Live throughout. But, the different units in the signal chain are quite quiet, so the adding of tracks and other Instruments should be fine.

That Tascam CD Recorder has a lot of features to aid Recording...it is a Radio Station model. Two of those together one can do just about anything. The other Hi-Fi Tascam unit has the same quality Standards, a good mate.

I once was a Disc Jockey in a prior life...And I used the Tascam 244 to do an Album 35 years ago. Maybe those events will jog my memory on how to do this, again.

I figure all this stuff I need will be ≤ $1000.

Happy Holidays!

Now if I can just get the IRS to send me our full Refund...we have been bantering back and forth since May.

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