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Hey, Proteus! Need Some PA Gear?


I stopped in at the Pasadena GC today to look at a couple guitars and spotted these in their Used section.

$249 for the head and I think about $200 each for the 4x10 or 4x12 cabs.


Atomic Music here in MD had loads of Kustom stuff on the cheap. The best way to start an argument is 'what is the rarest color of Kustoms'... so let the nominations begin.

I swear I read here years ago a comment where BZ stated Kustom was the best selling amp brand in the US in 1970. Maybe CCR had a bit of an effect on that.

But it was some of the most reliable early solid state stuff. Fender and Ampeg's first efforts SUCKED, even my beloved Thomas Vox was better than them. But would say Kustom and Acoustic were on top.


Yeah, no, thanks. I don't have a thing for old Kustom PAs.

Now that I have the blue sparkle head to go with the blue sparkle 2-15 cab (thanks to your assistance), I'm fully Kustomized.

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