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hey Janglebox dudes


I still say there should be a separate category here for pedals and not buried way down here, but I guess that ship has sailed....

Anyway, I'm geeking on this new SG 12, and wondered how much difference a J box would make. The treble bucker is pretty crisp... dang thing is 13K so I was thinking mud...

Wondered if janglebox would change much - sure I love the McGuinn sound, but Ricks don't love me. Always thought his sound on this well known track was just a bit different than the other Byrds hits, and cooler. It sizzles. I think they played thru Showmans back then

But anyway now there's a whole constellation of Jangleboxes... which one just for the basic sound/function. I guess they have expanded the functions on some of these newer ones. Any suggestions?


I need to move some gear to fund an Aussie Pearl Jet, and haven't used my J-Box. If you're searching for that Ric 12 sound, this delivers in spades. If you want to talk, pm me.


I only know about the original JangleBox, but your description of the tone as "sizzling" is spot on. The JB is what gives it that sizzle.


I have two of 'em; the original black box, and the JB2 which has been discontinued. The JB2 features a boost switch, and also has bass and treble control knobs you can set. The boost switch overrides the bass/treble settings, though. The JB Nano seems to incorporate the features of the older JB2 as it has the treble boost switch. I haven't test driven that model, however. All in all, I've been very satisfied with the units I have.


Yes DC, this was a Showman-era recording. Soon, the Ric would go into a radio speaker to thin it out for the reedy, sustaining sounds from 5D, Younger Than Yesterday and Notorious Byrd Brothers.

I think Jim (for he was still Jim then) had multiple pickups engaged for 'All I Really Want To Do'- it's a really rich sound. Sidebar- Sonny and Cher used to watch the Byrds at Ciro's in '65 where they'd play this track and soon they had both recorded rival versions. The two groups soon found themselves in a gladiator contest to the death for top spot in the charts. Sonny and Cher won. Boo.

I really believe in weaker pickups for twelve string instruments. Doubling the number of strings vibrating means much more output and real potential for a thuddy, clumpy sound. The Janglebox is a big help by evening the output and exaggerating the upper frequencies. In the absence of an expensive pickup swap (particularly as this guitar will likely be in the Garage Sale by June...), I'd suggest dropping the humbucker cases right down, maybe combining this with the old trick of raising the pole screws too for a coil offset.


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