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Guitar through a 1X12 bass cab?


Thinking of buying a homemade 1X12 ported cab with an Eminence Delta 12LFA in it. High end roll-off is going to clip into some of the upper guitar frequencies. I'm going to use it with a modeling amp (Marshall Code 100 head). Do any of you have experience running a guitar through a bass cab such as this, and what did you think of it?


I'd do it since I like lo end. I have a 200 watt 4 ohm Delta 12 LFC that I don't have any use for and you can't sell this stuff so thought I would try guitar thru it. I would think some sort of modern world amp could chop out enough treble to get thru.

It has worked for me


I ran my Gent through a Peavey Musician iii (clean channel) into a 15" bass cabinet (Jensen speaker) for about three years. The guitar really growled when you got the pups set properly. I've never been a fan of ear-piercing highs, so the neo-country sound of the 15 was right up my alley.

No reason it shouldn't work in my opine.


I have run my guitar through bass amp and cabs 1x15 , 1x 12 and 12” midrange horn ( 1.2k-3.8k) worked great. I couldn’t imagine running it with guitar even 1/2 volume ( 500 watts rms) lol


Got it. Rattles the walls like a 4X12 at a fraction of the weight/size. Tames some of the high end. Why didn't I think of this before?? Guitar is an '86 Heritage H-140.

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