Gretsch Garage Sale

FS: 6119 1962-ht


Here's the reverb link

Would do $1225 shipped through paypal gift. Would definitely be interested in trades of all sorts, just try me.

I have rep over on offsetguitars and I also have immaculate ebay and reverb accounts if you need reassurance.


Nice looking Tenny!


Great price...have wondered how new Hi Los compare w/ old... only trade I have is that '61 Gibson Melody Maker D, which I think clocks in around 1100-1250, except the deal I did put me into to for more. IF it sold I would be all over this.


When I first got it, the neck hilo was amazing, but the bridge was so awful. After some research, I shimmed the bridge one up pretty close to the strings and it sounds great now, a completely different sound.


Desmond, please add your guitar to the database before it sells.

Click on THIS LINK, go to the bottom of the page and click on "Add Your G6119-1962HT".


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