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Gretsch guitar cables?


By coincidence I found myself on a server error page from gretschguitars.com that showed a Gretsch branded guitar cable.

Does anybody knows if such a cable has been or is available for purchase?


Nobody has seen these or would be interested in?


If it was a right angle at both ends I'd totally be interested


Meh. I would prefer a finely made cable, like a George L rather than having a guitar manufacturer's name on it.


Look to be the same as the Fender tweed cables. Made in Asia, look cool but go bad pretty quick.

I ordered some George L cables, with the unplated tips. They were a full .005 undersize and wiggled/lost ground contact inside the jack. Now I just buy the GL cable and solder on Switchcraft tips myself.

Those Gretsch cables do look pretty cool.


Best cable = lowest capacitance and toughest jacket with good connectors.


I'd use them in a pinch.

At practice.

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