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Great String Winding Tool


Don't know about you but I don't care for winding bare hand when changing strings. Those string winding tools that are used manually are good and a step up from hand winding.

This is the cat's meow for me. I don't like changing strings period so this makes restringing more tolerable.

A must have for us guitarist unless you have locking tuners. Power winding keeps me stringing more efficiently.

You might have this or something like it already but if your don't then consider this.


Darn hit post before adding the photo. Editing won't post after the fact so her it is on another post.


The regular string winder is fine for me. I don't put many winds on the tuner so it takes no time.


Yep. I got one of those. It's a winder that's big enough for bass tuners, came with a handle for manual use, or you can stick it in a drill. Best invention ever for a guitar tech. That combined with a lightweight Skil drill I have is a life saver at my music store.


Here it is. Planet Waves makes this as well. Mine I think is Planet Waves.

I'm my original photo I have it on my Worx power screwdriver.

Reason I use it is because I have trouble stringing hollow bodies so I want the string wrapped on the tuning pegs as fast as I can before something goes wrong on the Bigsby or trapeze tailpiece. Also on vintage tuners like my Mosrite or on a vintage or vintage RI Strat the thin (first thru third) strings I want wound ASAP before they pop out, so this does the job so I can avoid problems.


You can also buy a power winder made specifically for string winding. I went with the attachment instead because I could use mine as it was intended to be, a power driver, or a string winder, in other words multitasking tool. Nothing wrong with a dedicated power wonder tho.


If you have a multitude of guitars that would make sense. I've got ten, and some don't get played too often, so the manual version suits me fine.


Video of the Ernie Ball version. This looks great if you don't have a power screwdriver already.


How many wraps are really needed? Using the lock system I might get two. With a bigs I only loosen the string enough to pop the end ball off. Dykes work well also.


I have been using one of these for a couple of years now, hands down the fastest way to get old strings off and new ones on. One thing though.......when they were designing it they added a weak battery (trap door cover), that's right where the bottom of your hand is while you are using it. I'd been in the middle of winding and the trap door opens spilling all four of the battery's on the floor which then all go in different directions.....SO, I just have a piece of Blue Painters Tape over that door, solves the problem very well and comes off easily when I need to change the Battery's. I'm a Big Fan of that Blue Painters tape, I use it for all kinds of stuff around the house and in my Garage, very handy, really great for Tolex repairs.

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