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Great Little Device


Ever have difficulty getting the bridge pins out of your acoustic guitar?

I found this terrific little device on Stew Mac's website and it works like a charm.


It slips down over the head of the pin. Then you slide the collar down towards the pin so that it will grup the head of the pin and not let it slip out during its removal.


Slip your fingers under the little bars and gently pull up on the pin. It will slip right out.

All for about $12 or less if I recall correctly.


I was sure that you had discovered a fantastic new wine opener! Happy New Year, Bob...got snow?


Oh Deed, I have wine openers in abundance. I should never go thirsty for an inability to break into a bottle of Cabernet!

Winter in the Sierra started strong, but then has been dry for the better part of two weeks. However, all is supposed to change starting tonight when we get seven or eight consecutive days of snow. A week from now, I will be so tired of my snowblower!

Looking forward to seeing you and Duane in Anaheim in a few weeks. Happy New year to you both.


great idea!

i always end up using my teeth!


Isn't that what the little thing on the end of guitar peg winders do?


Not all winders have 'em, but most do.

Don't hammer the pegs in in the first place.


Isn't that what the little thing on the end of guitar peg winders do?

– crowbone

Those string winders are sometimes problematic for me, perhaps due to wear on the plastic hole that engages the pin. I like Stew-Macs's device better. Thanks for the tip!


When I worked in a music store we would do restrings for people all the time. They would have stuck those pins in real tight - I think a lot of guys think they have to be tight to hold the string in. They don't realise how they actually work. We would loosen all the strings off the headstock and reach through the soundhole and push the pins out from inside.


Looks a little like a cartridge bearing puller. In my other life as a bicycle mechanic, I use them on high end hubs all the time.

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