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Good Microphone for Mic-ing a Guitar or Bass Amp Speaker


Pondering a few additional pieces of Recording gear...any recommendations?


Pondering a few additional pieces of Recording gear...any recommendations?

– Twangmeisternyc

For guitar, Audix I-5, or Shure SM57.


I like the Sennheiser 609 for guitar. It sounds good on bass too, but I prefer an akg d112.


EV RE-20. Large Diaphragm mike. Great for voice or instruments. Shure SM-57 for instruments, SM-58 for voice. Workhorses.

Cables. You never have enough. I avoid plastic connectors.

Power conditioner.


For both the EV RE-20 is a good suggestion as Washbash said.

Most of the SM type mics have bass roll off - so not ideal for bass, but arguably an advantage for instruments that don't have/need a lot of bass frequency content.

A Sennheiser 421 would cover both - and they have a switch at the base that allows you to tailor the bass response.

For studio use, a large diaphragm condenser would work and you could use a ribbon mic - but leave a distance of 8" - 12" between the speaker and a ribbon mic, and place a vocal pop shield between them to prevent wind blasts from damaging the ribbon if you're mic'ing a bass cab.


Audio-Technica AT4050 is an excellent large diaphragm mike with switchable patterns. It would be great for acoustic guitar and vocals as well.


If your're into the old-skool scene , Electro Voice PL-5. I have one somewhere if your're interested.


I used the Tascam 244 back in the day. Wish there was still something like it. I need to upgrade the Tape/CD gear, too. These two seem like a shoe fit.

I'll have Guitar, Bass, and Piano, and a "click track" to get me started. I can go Direct a couple ways, still would like 1 appropriate Mic.

Great suggestions so far...Thx.



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