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Generic Amp covers


Can anyone recommend a seller of quality generic amp covers?


I was very pleased with a cover I got for my Music Man amp fro Design to Fit (D2F). Unfortunately the guy that did those died and the company folded, I then found a company, Rigg Amp Covers https://rigg.us/. I took a chance and ordered one for my Deluxe Reverb. It is a great cover and very similar to my Music Man cover. Best of all it was very reasonable in price and he didn't charge an arm or a leg for shipping.


I like amplifiercovers.com They are on the money and have all the patterns. Of course really standard stuff is available for somewhat less.


I have several Le Covers, they are awesome. Comparable to Tuki. Not sure why I chose Le Cover in the beginning, but I did, and after I bought the first one, it was so good I just stuck with them (if it ain't broke...)



If you're married to(or friendly with) someone who knows one end of a sewing machine from the other, you can save some bux.

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