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Fuzz role call?


I was reading up that Ivy Rorshach used a Univox Super Fuzz - I haven't done in-depth to see if there were others but the price on this vintage unit seems like it must be the real deal.

I've got a V1 Fuzz Ray that I need to play with for a bit.

– Devil's Tool

Aaargh, I read through this thread thinking...no one's mentioned the Cramps Human Fly and the Super Fuzz. You are cool indeed, Devil's Tool. A pal built me a clone and part of the local cliff feel into the sea when I used it. Plus...the Fuzz Ray obviously has my allegiance


I've been playing guitar since 1988 and have never plugged into a fuzz. box. I don't think I've ever owned an amp with built in fuzz either. I've never even played through a compressor. My knowledge and use of effects is appalling.


A pal built me a clone and part of the local cliff feel into the sea when I used it

Now that's the kind of response we expect from a proper fuzz.


There's a Reuss Goo Goo Fuzz that I'm particularly interested in however I've found that Fuzz pedals (in general) don't play nice with what my band is doing - the Peachfuzz remains on my board and I use it (and love the fuzz I get out of it) but the other few fuzzes that I auditioned were too unruly to live there full time.


I'm a relative Muff newbie (a Muffie? a Movice?) having picked up a used Big Muff pi (with the tone wicker) at a store sale a few months ago ($70). Still getting to know it. I was initially a bit shocked by how noisy it is, but I guess all fuzzes are fairly noisy?

At the moment I tend to use at a very low setting, just to get that more saturated overdrive sound, sometimes in combo with my Blues Driver OD. But I will start to explore the upper reaches of the sustain knob in good fuzzy time.


I have a rare fuzz I like that is labeled as an overdrive. The Ibanez OD-9, it was only made for 2 years (82-84) and for that period, one batch the french market. Its sound does not match it's name as internally its a rams head Big Muff, the best one I've ever heard and I've recently sold off my first issue EHX Big Muff for $950. ridiculous of course, but I'm not complaining.


But which come closest to vintage 60s fuzz? Satisfaction? No Time? Heart Full of Soul?


But which come closest to vintage 60s fuzz? Satisfaction? No Time? Heart Full of Soul?

– Strummerson

I think that's where everyone falls down a well. IMO (and I'm a fuzz novice) there's no one fuzz pedal that will nail all those fuzz tones exactly, but single pedals that can come close, in their own way.

I myself never would have thought there would be so much variation between fuzz types and even variations between pedals of the same manufacturer, but there is.


There definitely is.

Those three examples are wildly different from each other - and they all came within a few years of each other. The fuzz domain remains wide and deep after 60 years because there are so many textures, sonorities, frequency ranges, dynamic responses, and “behaviors” to be explored. Every technology used to create distortion has brought its own characteristics and idiosyncrasies which have become part of the established vocabulary and lore - and those all get refined, evolved, devolved, adapted, combined, and hybridized. The permutations of qualitatively different tones are endless.

Keeps it interesting.


I actually hear Satisfaction and No Time as awfully close. Heart Full of Soul sounds similar to them, but played on a 12-string. Or, maybe it was recorded on a 6 string but the variation in fuzz gives it a 12-ish resonance?

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