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Fulltone Tube Tape Echo. Anyone got one, tried one? Worth the dosh?


I'm covered for delays but this thing keeps tugging at me. They are pricey in UK, £1,150, but I don't mind paying for top quality. Any opinions guys & gals? I've never tried one.


Congrats on the lottery win!


Well I do not own one. And I have never played one. But I have been about 3 feet from one at a rockabilly show. I can tell you that is sounded very good. But the player was very very good. I know a few guys with echo plex, tube and solid state. I think they sound equally well in a live situation. I think in a live situation the echo is such a small part of the guitar tone. It is just there to make the guitar sound a little thicker. I think in the studio a fulltone TTE would really work out great. I think if you have the scratch and can swing it, I say go for it. I am sure you will not be let down



I own a TTE.

The TTE is a fantastic machine. Yes, you need to keep it regularly serviced i.e. cleaning heads, demagnetising the heads once a in a while etc. But, to my view, the tone is better than any pedal I have tried. The TTE not only gives you a full of depth and meaningful echo but it also drives the amp to, which is nice if you use a clean amp like I do. The TTE is expensive here in the UK but for me it is worth it. The build quality is very high. The one thing that does get me, however, is the price of replacement tape cartridges, £35 or so here in the UK. Which, I think, is a little steep particularly so when you consider how delicate real tape can be.




have heard that the tapes can wear pretty fast. Any truth to this?


I love my TTE and will never go back to delay pedals nor the Echoplex that I had. Its been reliable and I've had no problems as long as I clean heads regularly. BTW, 35 bs or 55 us is for two tape cartridges...

The tapes last quite a long time as long as you clean the heads often.


Thanks Drew, btw, haven't you got a musical event coming up in Holloway? I was going to show my face but I can't remember the date.


Seems like a lot of money and service for one effect. I'm sure it sounds great but I'm always thinking about the boatload of boutique pedals I could buy for the money of that one effect.

Sort of like a painter spending 90% of his budget on one color that's an awesome blue.


Yep, they are a pain in the ass,but if you want that sound it's the only thing



Sorry, I just saw you comment. Yes, the Country Soul Sessions took place last night. It was a good one. Check out our Facebook page for the next one in Feb.




I own one and it is well worth the price. Dimensional, lush, wide - far superior to a pedal. No question.

NOTE: You can really hear the difference in the studio. Amazing. Inspires you...

HOWEVER: If you're going to use it to gig all the time, I would go with a pedal. The difference between a quality pedal like a Strymon El Capistan and a TTE in a bar or large live setting is negligible. Between the bleed off the stage, live sound, and the room itself, why expose the TTE to such a setting where so many things can go badly. A TTE is a sensitive animal, requires service and the tapes need to be replaced.

BTW: Mike only sells tapes to registered users that can provide serial numbers, dealer info, etc. Limited supplies. IF you're using it to gig, there's another reason to go pedal.

Hope that helps. I really love my TTE. But it sits in the studio 24/7.



Yes, I know exactly what you mean in terms of taking the TTE out to gigs. But at the moment that is what I do. I guess I just want to use it and I do think you can tell the difference between the TTE and a different delay pedal. Although I have heard good things about the Strymon. One other aspect of the TTE I find indispensable to my tone is that the TTE really does rev up my amplifier very nicely. It adds really body and edge to the tone.




Arrrrgghhhh. Missed it Drew, OK next time. I don't think I'd gig with a TTE. I used to gig with an echoplex, & apart from the time to set up & break down, I'd swear it sounded different every night.


Got one of the first. Serial number 319. Absolutely love it. And not just when I want echo. The tube pre-amp section makes the signal hit my tube amps a little harder and the result is magical. I usually run through the TTE even when I am bypassing the echo. Don't let the tape costs get you down. Get a few replacement cartridges and a pack of quality tape and learn to reload your own. It's not that hard to do, but I've been making loops for tape echoes since long before the TTE came out.


i own one, can´t be compared with any stomp box... simply GREAT!!


What kind of amps are you guys playing through? I'm playing through my Victoria Executive 15"..., I wonder if that extra 25db would be enough to get some tube breakup. ....REALLY thinking about pulling the trigger on one of these.


TJ Mayes,

I run my TTE through a Standel 25L15. The TTE does push the amp but I don't think you can 'breakup' a Standel. I use an overdrive if I want to colour the tone that way.




Thanks, Drew.

...I've yet to find an overdrive pedal that really compares to naturally driven tubes. I wonder...Fulltone TTE + amp re-tube/bias + speaker change...wonder if that could get me where I'm going. Thoughts? Trying to eliminate.

Sorry for the thread hijack.


TJ Mayes,

Have you tried a Klon?

It is indispensible to me.




Drew, I'm actually trying to eliminate the use of pedals here by ultimately *adjusting my existing amp and possibly using the delay and boost from the Fulltone TTE. All I'm seeking is a small amount of tube breakup...not full blown distorted textures.

Any more thoughts, folks? ...hopefully it is okay to continue this thread in this manner....no high jacking initially intended.


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