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From Ebow to Miku: a zoo of guitar tech gone wild.


For what it's worth, I just up-arrowed this whole wonderful thread. More stuff I am unable to do, but lust for nonetheless (It's okay; I'm a Democrat--Jimmy Carter showed us that we may lust and still be "proper.")


Well I got a “lust for Life” and when I get my E-Bow I shall never wear a shirt again!


Of all the techy strange stuff, this is still my favorite. Tony Levin on “The Stick.”


Ah, the Stick. You haven't heard Stick until you've heard it played through a Roland VG-99

And speaking of the NAMM Show, it's only a few weeks away, what wondrous oddities await us this year, I wonder?


Interesting to see the Gimzotron make a comeback, originally invented by Godley and Creme of 10cc in the '70's.

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