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From Ebow to Miku: a zoo of guitar tech gone wild.


Kinda part 2 of this Ebow thread, but going where no Ebow has gone before.

There's sure to be something here to drag you down the rabbit hole. Just ask Alice.

Gizmotron. http://www.gizmotron.com/

Of course I want one. At under 300.00, it's made specifically for me not to resist. When a Bigsby tailpiece or a fuzzawuzzalay pedal costs 300.00 and does nothing I haven't done zillions of times before, this is cheap entertainment. Safer than skydiving.

What guitar do I put it on? Installing: http://www.gizmotron.com/vi...

If only I could do this. Or had written this:

Gizmotronning @ NAMM:

Robert Randolph stymied: http://www.gizmotron.com/vi... (Click and find it.)

But wait! That's not all!

Hammer Jammer:

Going Microtonal:

How it works when someone with naturally perfect intonation, instantaneous ear-muscle coordination, impeccable technique, and innate musicality plays fretless.

Guitar God Guthrie Govan Goes Fretless:

How it works when the rest of us try.

Guitar Goob Rob Chapman Demonstrates Mortal Abilities:

From fretless to everythingelseless.


This can't really be explained, but you owe it to yourself.

Meet Miku: Rockin' with Miku:


I've been playing music since the '50s. Not well, mind you, but for a long time. I've seen so many "innovations" come and go that it's not even funny. 99% fall by the wayside. Most are in the "better mousetrap" category, others are in the WTF arena. The majority of us still love our century old tube amps, tho some are going over to the dark side of solid state, and even into digital. Gimmicks will always be around. Some good, most not. Until a consensus forms, I'll stick to what I know that works. If you want to spend your money on one of these, fine. It's your money, after all. YMMV.


And you're funding these purchases by selling your Persian Sand Billy-Bo, right?


If Cites gets their way we will all be playing gittlers. The Miku pedal is perfect for making everything sound like minions.


No endorsement or recommendation of anything intended or implied. Just alternative pathways through the guitar maze for contemplation and entertainment.

I'd have a Gittler in a second if it was affordable. It seems a necessary counterpoint for a guy who obsesses about relative body resonance from one guitar to another. A major up-yours to all that: here, I ain't got no body at all. No wood. I'm a skeleton. Does it sound "good"? Who cares? It's like the embodiment of the naked rudiments of electric guitar, all the physics and geometry distilled to the irreducible essence. That's probably why they have them in art museums; they're at least as conceptual as musical. (And probably a dandy interface for pedals and overdriven amps.)

I did have a fretless guitar of sorts (well, the Godin Glissentar), and it taught me I'm not Guthrie Govin. Couldn't find a way to make it work, so it went away. I LOST 300.00 on that deal. I also realized that I get plenty of notes-between-the-notes with bending, Bigsby, and synths. So, much as I like the shiny fingerboard on the Vigier, there are no fretless guitars in my future.

Which brings us back to the Gittler. If selling the B-Bo would fund a Gittler...I'd probably do that.


So you’re making me buy another toy this weekend, huh? Already bought the Gizmo, now the Hammer Jammer? You know I have to, right?

Did it end there? Nope... After the Gizmo I had to buy a fretless bass for the cello thang. Then the latest version of the jamirigin audio to midi converter to trigger Vienna Strings.

Thanks. Thanks a lot...


The boys are going for a Miku for the studio.

It's too cool not to, isn't it?


ooo I want that *%$&%^ spider capo. I play lot's of open tunings on acoustic and often capo up with them...hmmmmmm. The Gizmmo thing looks like a good recording tool for fake string sections. I wonder about things that make it sound like you're not playing guitar though....hmmmmm Paul Pigat posted this on facebook a while back..I feel I need to blame it on him


Gman, at least you already had Vienna Strings, right? So you’ve spent another 750.00 ... what would it cost for a cello and a bow and enough lessons/time to make more than a sad scraping moaning sound?


Oh, wayyyy more. Spend more than that for a session player for a few hours, too. Good point, but then again, enablers always justify their positions...

Thanks for giving me cover.


I’m safe. Your new temptation does not work with Pro Tools.... nice try!

That said, it is very cool with all of the enhanced touch sensitivity. Much more expressive than conventional keys.


i've thought about getting a Mika Stomp so i could use it to do faux-vocal stuff in my ambient/loops stuff, but i'm kind of trying to keep from spending lately. i do think that it could have applications beyond novelty.


I’m safe.

Yeah, but I'm not.

i'm kind of trying to keep from spending lately.

You're a wise man, macp.


Ooohhh. Forgot about your keyboard acumen. I saw an iOS version, too. The other cool thing is it’s like grabbing a bank of faders on a board. Very intuitive.

You should definitely buy one or maybe two ( one for your iOS rig and another for your standard platform). Ho Ho Ho!


Forgot about your keyboard acumen.

Ha! I wouldn't call it acumen. I'm the single clumsiest, least adept keyboard "player" I know. I do like the noises keys give me access to, though. And you can play more than 6 notes at a time - over a wider span of octaves.

Even if ineptly.


So, I loaded iOS Noise on my ipad, and it tracks pretty well. Definitely intuitive and the BTE midi sync seems useful. Touch and pressure sensitivity works well, too.

Too bad there’s no support for PT or Studio 1.


When I was younger I tried to get hammered dulcimer sounds from the guitar by hitting the strings with a pencil (well, the eraser end anyway) and it sounded a lot like the Hammer Jammer.

Toxophilite's posting of Midnight in the Garden of the Miku Pedal is the funniest thing I've seen in a longtime. Just brilliant.


This is the first time I’ve heard of the Miku. Watching the video above I laughed to the point where I did piss my pants! OMG! I don’t know why but that is such a funny sound.


Until a consensus forms, I'll stick to what I know that works.

Well gosh, Slim. I'm glad Lee deForest, George Beauchamp, the Dopyeras, Leo Fender, Les Paul, Seth Lover, Ray Butts, Jimmie Webster - and all the iconoclastic experimental rebel money-wasting guitarists who ventured to try their wacky gadgets - didn't wait for a consensus.

We'd all be playing tiny-bodied "Spanish" guitars.


I love the guitar reviews from Rob Chapman and Lee Anderton and have been watching them for years on youtube....sometimes to get their views on a certain guitar and other times because I find them witty and entertaining.

Sorry for the slight derail but Tim's original post that included their review of the Miku pedal had me crying I was laughing so hard. I swear it made my day....even if the the day is new at 1:18 am but ya'll know what I mean.

But Tim has now made me want toys! Yes, I want the ebow thing and the miku pedal. The first being cool and then second playing the miku while prank calling my friends! Yes, I am a 44y/o grown man but I'm just not very good at it. I think I will forever live in 7th grade!

Carry on Sir Tim and let us know what you have done on this new venture. In the meantime, I'll just play this!......


And now I can't let this just be. Tim, I'm seriously thing about this although, I....cough, cough, have not checked on the price.

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