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I Use Audacity as a recording program, but, Audacity doesn't do "tts"files, and thats what ez drummer puts out. How do I convert "tts" files to either mp3 or wav. files so I can continue to use Audacity as my recording program? Please keep in mind that I have barely enough computer skills to get onto the GDP. And, I'm old.


A tts is a "text to speech" file (like you would you if you wanted to have a text file read to you out loud). There is software out there that will tranfer these files to MP3's or .wav , but you have to pay for them. You may want to read your EZdrummer manual (I know they can be confusing if you're not computer saavy), because you may have something set wrong. It makes no sense (to me anyways) for a drum sampler to export files in tts format.


I can't answer your question, but I do use EZ Drummer.

I use FL Studio as a host for EZ Drummer. I use FL to map out the drum lines, and export my song from there.


Have you tried asking the question in Toontrack forum?


As Troy6120 mentioned, you DO need to use a host for EZdrummer. I think Toontack has a free host you can use if your software is registered.


Yeah bobby your right. It's called "Toontrack Solo" which I have installed. troy6120 has the answer I think I was looking for, I was just trying to avoid getting ANOTHER music recording program because I really like Audacity. But It seems with useing EZ Drummer, Audacity is "import challanged".


I guess one of the issues is, that Audacity does not support VST instruments like EZ Drummer. So you cannot directly use EZ Drummer inside Audacity. And on the other hand EZ Drummer cannot export in "normal" Wav format.


Glad you resolved what ails you. Some of these programs are kind of silly in what they will and will not work with, or will not do.

Good luck!


OK, I now have Fruity Loops studio 8 on my computer. Now....How the heck do I get anything OUT of EZDrummer,or EZPlayer Pro and into FL8? Neither has an export function.


If you can hear it in Audacity, you need to route the output of the midi or whatever it's using to make the sounds you hear to a bus that records when you mix down the audio.


Yours may work like this (it may not):

  1. Open FL Studio 8.
  2. Under "File", click "New".
  3. Right click on the box that pops up (it may be titled "Dfh Sampler", or something else. I think it needs to be the Dfh Sampler, though.)
  4. Scroll down to "Insert".
  5. If you don't see EZ Drummer pop up in the list, click "More". You should see EZ Drummer under the VST Plugins. Click EZ Drummer, and it should open up.

If this has helped, you're already halfway there, my friend.

  1. In EZ Drummer, click "Open Grooves". It should show you your types of grooves.
  2. Select a groove, and drag it from the list on the right hand side up to the box from Step 3 above. This will put that groove into a list, when you...
  3. Look at the upper center of the screen, and you'll see a "1". Either right click and drag your mouse upward to change it to "2", or just click on the "1" and use your right-hand calculator on your keypad and type in "2". You now have two loops loaded into your new project. Repeat this step to load grooves 3, 4, 5, etc. (remember to change the number after you load a groove. I don't, and it serves as a great source of irritation for me.)
  4. Open your "Playlist". To the left side of the page, you have your individual grooves that you loaded previously. Left-click a box to the right of the number "1" and you'll see a box light up. Hit "Play" to see if it plays your previously selected loop. If it does... where the box ends in "1", left-click the box in "2". You should hear your second loop that you selected earlier.

(This is a step-by-step method that I use. It's not half as complicated as I'm probably making it sound in print. If I can help more, let me know. This should hopefully work.) You can save a "template" in FL, which can eliminate the tedious steps 1-5...


Wow this EZ drummer sounds like it isn't very EZ


There's no way that I can explain it in words that will sound as simple as it actually is. It's really EZ!

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