Other guitar-y things

Exactly how I feel about pedals


Priceless, and I can definitely see you this way!


At the end I was saying over and over '' number nine,number nine........."


Priceless! Thanks for sharing.


" Kids say the darndest things "....


"Since space is a vacuum, it might sound like a vacuum cleaner." I wish all kids could be like this! They're amazing.


I love these kids! Gigi seems to be the best predicter, and analyser of the pedals. I had a similar enthusiasm for effects, when I first started playing the guitar. I've drifted away from modulation and heavy overdrive and distortion, over the years. I've tended to lock onto a bit of reverb, light overdrive, and some occasional delay. I have to admit, that seeing this makes me want to explore my effects again!


I just love that they're getting kids into this. What goes around comes around, one of those kids better be the next big thing in the next 8 years.


Joe is my favorite of the guitar video guys

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