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Embie Bridges


Anyone know whether Embie is shipping out new bridges or parts? It’s been awhile, I see his shop is still set up online. The products and service were top notch in my opinion, love to see them active again.


I haven't heard any reports of activity since he seemingly went MIA. It's bizarre to me what a mystery this situation is. Doesn't anybody know the guy in real life?


Mat’s bridges are first class pieces of kit, be a shame if he stops doing them.


Fantastic quality and service! Love Embie


I’d like to know as well, I have an Embie Matic on my Penguin and it’s the bees knees.... We need that “Unsolved Mystery’s” guy to do his thing!


I ordered a bridge from him at the time he went south. PayPal refunded me as they could not get a response from embie.

This was several years ago. Occasionally a used one pops up on some site.

he made a really great product.


from what i was able to ascertain via Googling, the site still exists and processes orders which are never shipped and which the buyer has to have refunded via PayPal.

it's not that unusual for a one-person equipment shop to suddenly evaporate. happens with pedal builders regularly. it's hard to be a sole proprietor, and sometimes for whatever reason it's too much and they just walk away.

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