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Embie Bridges—No response at all for two weeks. Any help here?


I bought an Embie gold bridge on Nov 13th. Paid via Paypal. Got the receipt via email all seemed normal.

I still haven't received it

Emailed three times and called and let a message. Zero response

Anyone have a similar experience?

Anyone know whats going on at Embie?




I emailed Mat like two months ago inquiring about getting another bridge from him and have still heard nothing, he used to be really on top of that. Hope everything is okay...



Do not send this company any money.

Embie is apparently no longer in business. I have had to file a claim with PayPal.



No longer in business? That's a damn shame.


Damn, their reverb store and website appear to be up still, I wonder what's going on....


Something has to be a foul,that’s not like Mat.Hope it works out for you Fred...and I was planning on ordering some new saddles from him too.


Yeah Mat has always been super prompt and thorough in our previous communications, I hope he's okay and hope Fred gets his refund or his bridge


it was certainly an odd e-commerce experience based on all of the positive comments from the GDP.

Paypal will get me my money back in due time.

More importantly--I hope the guy is ok.

But for sure there is no indication of the business running.


Thanks for the info. I have a ‘57 Caddy Green Dou-Jet on order and was going to pull the trigger on some flat head screws at minimum and probably new saddles too. BUMMER!


Talk to Billy Zoom about the low profile screws, Powertronman.


I had the same thing happen. Ordered some low profile screws from them on Reverb, got them in about a week. A month later, ordered a bridge.... never heard a word from them. Gave it 2 weeks and opened a case with PayPal. Took about 2 weeks to get my funds back, but I got them back and still haven't gotten a response from Embie.

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