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El Capistan dtape echo is in stock


I'm not sure whether I prefer the El Capistan or my vintage Copicat when it comes to delay; that Capistan really is a great delay.


Something else to lust after... thanks a LOT. Makes me wanna turn my DM-3 into a paperweight.


As soon as i got this i realized my DL4's services were no longer required and was sold the next day. Still very happy with this pedal.


Something else to lust after... thanks a LOT. Makes me wanna turn my DM-3 into a paperweight.

– Judd

Something else to lust after... thanks a LOT. Makes me wanna turn my DM-3 into a paperweight.

– Judd

I keep my DM-3 after my El Capi, keep it on your pedalboard Judd. It has its own warm glow like nothing else.


btw.. besides the El Cap having a jack for attaching an expression pedal (Assignable to one perimeter) you can also plug in a "favorites" switch.
Strymon sells a matching favorites switch but if you have a bit of skills in drilling and soldering n painting you can make your own. It allows you to save a "Favorite" setting so on the fly you get two different set ups. for example you could have one as a fast rockabilly slap back and the other a very slow and spacious delay trail, or even just enable a reverb only setting so you get both a delay AND a reverb.

here's what I just made for my el capi from a little cube box "la favorito" (the wive sez its cute)


This is, no doubt, a really stupid question. Actually, TWO stupid questions:

  1. I have a Boss RE-20 (my second one). With the reverb "turned off" I still get a bit of the annoying Boss digital reverb tone coming through. Does the El Capistan let any of its reverb slip through when reverb is not engaged?

  2. Does the El Capistan yield any "tone suck" (degradation of tone)?


answers to 1 and 2.. The RE-20 takes your entire analog signal and converts it to digital, the dry signal and the wet signal.

the El Capistan has a 100% analog dry signal straight through and the blend knob brings in the effects signal with the dry signal. It is a tone monster.


here's the favorites switch in action with a quick cable made from rat shack parts (its hard to find a 12" stereo 1/4" patch cable in town)


This is my next and final purchase for a while... Damn Car loan..

My Styrmon Brigiadier is going so i can get ine if these bad boys! The DM3 will take care of delay!


Nope, i will make one eventually. Might as well wait for the El Cap. I dont use the Brigadier much now anyway.


It's nice to be thorough, but that thing's got WAY too much on board for me to worry about. :-)


Hey Tavo, I currently have Brigadier with a favourite switch. Just bought an El Capistan and it's in the mail :) Anything you wanted to know??? You want a photo of the guts? Steve


Mark, the el cap is a simple machine. I'm sure your car has more than a steering wheel, gas pedal and brake :) Bet you dont even take your eyes off the road to adjust your stereos volume and channel and roll the window up and down.. Same thing with the El Cap. standard features done right. favorite switch just allowed you an extra option on the fly. Since the Space echo mode has reverb, you can just assign it. or the delay time for a slow or quick slap back.

digdown, these pedals are digital modeling pedals with a processor and are programmed.


What a coincidence, Brig sold today! El Capi here i come! Whoo :D


I am intrigued..... (translated = thinking about buying one).

Any comments on how it compares -- tone-wise -- with an E.H. Deluxe Memory Man (10 yrs. old, not the new ones)? Recognizing that the DMM does not have all the bells and whistles of the El Capistan (different tpae settings, range of speeds, etc.) I'm interested in its basic tone quality.

Both are analog. The DMM tends to color the tone a bit (at least mine does). Is that true of the El Capistan?


El Capistan is a digital modeling / emulation processor with a blend knob between dry analog signal path and its wet/effected signal. You can be quite sparkly clean and moderne' with it or extremely colored depending on its settings.

The DMM is deliciously colored and textured analog delay with its bucket brigade circuitry.

I can get very close to the deluxe memory man pedals I've owned with the El Capistan, but the El Capi is designed to emulate actual tape echos, and not really focused on emulating analog echo pedals.


Thanks! That helps.... The El Capistan looks (and sounds) like a LOT of fun! I've recently sold some gear so there is funding to support this need! I have this addiction to delay pedals -- I think I need to go to meetings.....


the real magic of this unit is realizing how simple its controls are (hold both switches down and all the knobs have a second feature) ;

Time = self explanatory ( doubles as reverb level )

Tape age = treble cut ( doubles as bass boost )

wow and flutter= random chorus vibrato on repeats only (doubles as tape crinkle )

repeats= self explanatory (doubles as tape bias..ie tape sounds new or severally old, my fav)

Mix= wet effect to dry analog signal path (doubles as input boost ..very important)

turn the bass boost up and treble cut up, tape bias to dirty, tape crinkle up, with the boost up high.. you'll see its value far beyond the average delay pedal.. especially with a smidge of reverb. I like to run my boss DM-3 at the end in a minimal way for a little more magic


"to run my boss DM-3 at the end in a minimal way for a little more magic"

...interesting. I always set more than one repeat for that "magic". Everybody seems to think slapback needs to be only one repeat. I find that OK but a little sterile sounding. I actually have at least 2 repeats, maybe 2 and a "half" ("half" because the repeats volume drops continuously), and I find it's much more lively that way.

I've got a favorites switch coming tomorrow. I bought the full-size one from Strymon, only because my board is so crowded I'd never be able to find the mini one with my foot. The Strymon one brings the switch up to pedal-top level.

So far, no one has been able to unseat ElCap, but I am awaiting with baited breath Jorge Tripps' Supa-Puss to be released later this summer...

Those small controls are... "wow"..."flutter"..."grit"...and "filter" (tone control for repeats)...


The stomper on my own build favorites pedal is the same height now that I've adjusted it. You're just mad that you had to pay double :)

So how are they "Dunlop" making DM-2 clones still if Diamond has to discontinue their DM-2 clone due to lack of MN3005 chips availability?


Tripps is a genius, that's how. Haven't you figured that out yet? ;-)


Fantastic Customer Service from Strymon! I decided to order an El Capistan. I placed my order at 12:31PM, got an email at 12:42 that it was being shipped. Two hours later I got a UPS tracking number and delivery date.

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