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EHX Ocean 11, really nails the Spring reverb. Even bigger w a pream…


I saw your Facebook post! I want one! Tell me when and where to order sir.

– Diggey

email me >thenocturnebrainseltzerATgmailDOTnet<


Question on the Oceans 11...The demos sound great!! People on the gear page are going on and on about "tone suck" when bypassed and a "plastic sheen on my tone" when the Oceans 11 is engaged lol. I know, I know...the gear page. Any of y'all that have used the Oceans 11 heard this so called "plastic sheen"?


Just returned from a rehearsal using my new oceans 11. Yeah, great drippy surf spring sound there. Plastic? Dunno, it's an artificial effect of course, how could we expect it to sound 100 percent natural? It is pretty good. Just wish it had an easy way of switching between settings as the tremolo and delay settings are cool too....you'd need a well focused head to switch settings back and forth during a gig. Recommended though

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