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EHX Ocean 11, really nails the Spring reverb. Even bigger w a pream…


They nailed it man, seriously good for the spring setting.. even more tube-ee schplunk from hitting the front w a brain preamp. It totally takes being bumped up w a preamp. Cant wait to try it w the ubangi and Tim pedal. Topanga is taking a back seat now. these run about $146 on reverb right now.

Watch my friend Ryan from 60 cycle hum do a good demo of this spring feature


good heads-up stuff t...

(& interesting vid)

though, as far as pedal makers, i prefer the catalinbread organization to eh qc, any day



even more fun Ryan took the Mystery Brain to the front of the Oceans 11 reverb cranked with good mics


good stuff!!!

and the winner is-

the mystery brain!!!



So far the demos of that EHX Oceans 11 that I've heard are really impressive......it really appears to nail the outboard tank drippy surf sound. I have a Boss '63 pedal that does the drip but its other inherent problems keep it from being anything but just barely OK. I have a real tube driven outboard tank that sounds great but the idea of a compact pedal that can nail that sound and do a multitude of other usable reverb tones for under $150.00 is appealing. I just bang away in my basement so plugging in the outboard tank is no big deal, but for a gigging musician having a pedal like that on your board can really lighten your load.


purists will turn a snobby brow but its not bad at all.


that new eh would work very nicely on a live gig....if i was doing detailed studio stuff, i'd still want the tank...(even the less than authentic repro fender tank ices it)...but in a live situation that eh would sound fine...

for me eh roadworthiness and qc are the issue...



Totally overkill but that Ventris sounds absolutely amazing. LOL


for me eh roadworthiness and qc are the issue...

Well after all...how many of us are touring?

Even if so, in these future days of modern times, pedalboards get pretty plush treatment, fastened down in padded cases and the like.

And gosh. In 40+ years (and over 20 pedals I can think of) I've really never had an EH pedal fail. My first Electric Mistress and Dlx Memory Man finally either got too noisy to use, or the scales fell off my ears and I heard how noisy they always were (particularly in comparison with more modern gear) - but they trucked right along.

I have had a couple Boss pedals fail (despite their tanky reputation and what appears to be obviously higher build quality), as well as several modern boutique boxes. Finding pedals generally great fun for the buck - and since every pedal vendor I've dealt with has provided stellar service - I don't hold that against any of them.

(Except Pigtronix. Pigtronix truly could care less.)

The Oceans 11 is a companion piece to the Canyon delay (same form factor, knob count, control scheme), which I have. As a multi-effect, several of its algorithms are quite as good as they would need to be, several are functional but meh, and a couple are well worth the price of admission alone.

Like a uniquely implemented octave delay which adds an additional octave up or down on EVERY REPEAT, serving as that delightful wacky surprise E-H nearly always provides. (And oh yeah, there's a looper. And reverb.) It's a crazy-good value for the buck, and silly compact. Highly recommended as a do-all mono delay - and worth it just for the angel-twinkling/demons-growling effect.

Sounds like the Oceans lives up to the example. I just don't. Need. Another. Reverb!

But yeah. I've been deep in exotic boutique pedals for months during this recent binge, and the E-H stuff simply stands up with it. Pretty durn honorable company in my view!


And yeah...the Ventris is spectacular.


for me eh roadworthiness and qc are the issue...

Same here. I've been happy with the sound of the EH pedals I've owned (holy grail, holy grail deluxe something or other, and two memory boy delays), and maybe I'm particularly unlucky with EH, but all of them died on me. And I take pretty good care of my gear, I don't throw it around or leave it out in the rain or anything. Not buying anything EH again soon.


That's weird. Never a hiccup here.


Maybe you're extra lucky, or I'm extra unlucky. But seriously, if it hadn't cost me money, it would be comical. The first memory boy died within a week of buying it, the replacement lasted about a month longer, and then I decided I was done with the brand. And some of those holy grail pedals and some of the nano pedals are very fussy about power supplies.


never an issue with ehx, maybe we get better version? :)


This sounds really close to tank drip, IMHO. It certainly helps leave a Tank at home and takes up little space on a board. Tavo- does your F-Bomb drip like a tradional Fender Reverb unit? Just curious. Then I'd be curious how the Oceans 11 sounds versus your F-Bomb.


This sounds really close to tank drip, IMHO. It certainly helps leave a Tank at home and takes up little space on a board. Tavo- does your F-Bomb drip like a tradional Fender Reverb unit? Just curious. Then I'd be curious how the Oceans 11 sounds versus your F-Bomb.

– Diggey

My F-bomb IS a 6G15 vintage tank but improved guitar signal and grounding as well as really upgrade componentry. Things sadly lacking in the reissues. fwiw.. I have new version out end of month W switchable tube tremelo, too.

Oceans 11 is very very cool, it just isnt dimensional like a real tube driven mechanical tank w a spring pan. I'll get a vid out soon.


It's the best one I've heard at capturing drip since the old Digitech Digiverb, which I thought had a really good spring sound.... unfortunately, the buffer in those old digtechs was a tone-sucker....

I also loved it's "Church" setting. I miss that pedal. Damn crappy buffers.

"Touring" or not, I have to agree with crappy QC and customer service from EHX. Out of the 5 I've owned, 1 was so noisy I sent it back to be repaired only to be told "that's normal", and the other just flat-out died on me. No touring, no gigging, just home use. 2 out of 5: that's a 40% failure rate, and that's not good enough for me.

I've vowed to never again buy another EHX product. (with one exception: I loved the Deluxe Memory Boy. I have thought about buying another.... but haven't pulled the trigger)


Touring/session player here with lots of love for EH pedals, crazy ideas and sounds. I actualy use the Freeze, Canyon Delay, Epitome, Melo9, Big Muff and my beloved Small Stone BUT, yeah, got problems with switches, 9v inputs, tone sucking issues and so... I’d love to have EH pedals with more overall quality.

I’m sure I’ll dig this reverb... :)


Ha! Finally bought a Topanga this week. There's always something else (which is fine).

Liking it a lot anyway.


I posted a while back as I had swapped out my Grovers for a set of Planet Waves locking tuners on a Schecter Corsair . Well, I'll tell you what, I honestly don't have a dog in the fight but I'm telling you it was a great change. Sperzels, Planet Waves or otherwise It is a cheep swap and makes a whole lot of easy when a string change is in need.


Some of those digital reverb spring simulations are cute and passable and handy for a pedal board, but after half an hour of it they give me a headache - too bright, fake, weird dynamics, artificial stuff that gives me listening fatigue. I have a Topanga I use when I have a fly-in gig or similar.

For my money, the coolest "smaller outboard reverb" you can get these days is from Surfy Industries - as close as you can get to a Fender outboard circuit with FET's instead of tubes. But the spring pan is exactly the same physical pan as the originals. I have one of those built into a little cab with their tremolo, a buffer that takes care of the output impedance weirdness of the 6G15 circuit (they copied that too!!) and all of it with relay switching/true bypass. Beats any digital sim any day of the week. My old Fender tank is gathering dust at home these days.


I have a surfybear, I'll take the oceans 11. The topanga sounds "Cutesy" as you say because its basically digi sequential echos acting as verb. The Oceans 11 spring is more advanced in its emulation.


Hey Tavo, I'm anxious to hear more about your FBomb and the new added tube tremolo. You have any more details yet?


Hey Tavo, I'm anxious to hear more about your FBomb and the new added tube tremolo. You have any more details yet?

– Diggey


I saw your Facebook post! I want one! Tell me when and where to order sir.

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