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Echoplex - Mods to Separate the Preamp from the Tape Delay Features


I put together a video to demonstrate the mods to my Echoplex EP2 that have made it something that can be used at a gig without fear of what a couple hours of the tape running will do to the heads and the tape.

In short, the Sound on Sound tape tape head has been removed and the on-off switch for it has been converted to an on-off switch for the tape delay. See what you think.


Super modification with best possible results. Discrete preamp function, echo defeat/enable switch, solves the very real and present wear-and-tear anxiety of the deck running continuously yet the cool preamp just pours in the octane boost merrily.

Top marks!


AT one time I owned 5 Echoplexes. The tube model had the most gain, probably an unintended thing, but the solid state ones were cool also.


That's a cool and useful mod! The machine sounds really nice.


That’s a great idea Knavel. Pre amp sounds really good. I have a Watkins Copicat, does a similar thing preamp wise. You can slip the loop off in about 1 second if you only want the preamp. I used an ep-1 years ago, sounded incredible.


Dig that X2.

My EP3 does something crazy to my 58' deluxe. Certain it has some crazy pre amp like this does.

Special sauce right there


Cool! Very good idea!


Thanks Knavel! Just watched the vid . Might two to my tech to see if he can do this... Sounds great too. Noticeably increases gain.

I just bought a n ep-3 (unfortunately no lid) and the gain dif is not as noticeable but it does change the eq in a delightful way!


I've sent you a link to the more technical discussion of what was done to our Echoplexes if that might help guide your tech. The parts we got these days come from echofix.com in Australia, so you have that going for you!


Sound on Sound tape tape head

Ha (ha)! I see see what you did there. Very clever.


I still think the echo is the most exciting thing about an echoplex, never really "got" the other part so much.


Thanks Knavel! Will check it out.


I still think the echo is the most exciting thing about an echoplex, never really "got" the other part so much.

– WB

Walter, I've not had the privilege of seeing your group (and if you ever come to the UK please announce it here so I can ensure I am there). Accordingly, I am presuming (and kindly correct me if I'm wrong) that your sound is 50s/rockabilly focused. On that basis it would make sense that you would favour the echo sound of an echoplex over all else.

For my part in terms of what I play live, I like mod / soul. The echo is not an integral part of this genre. But some width to a telecaster or a rickenbacker sound is definitely helpful for me, especially when any band I have at a given moment doesn't have a horn section. I find the added presence of the preamp side of an echoplex to be an effect that still has no peer. Hence this was an important mod to me to accommodate the fragility of my echoplex.

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