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dual mix control pedal for 6G15 Reverbs!


Want a second mix level for your 6G15 style reverb? You can get it with a modified on/off footswitch - basically, instead of shunting the whole reverb signal to ground, you control how much to ground with a potentiometer.

Demo here:

Circuit-wise, it's not exactly a second mix; it controls how much of the reverb pan return is sent to the reverb recovery tube. Still, it requires no modification of the Reverb unit, which is a big plus. Simple and functional.


Cool! I think that would work on a Fender amp, too.


That's a great idea. Right now I just toggle back and forth between my in amp reverb and my outboard tank......but if you just have an outboard tank or the in amp 'verb is crappy that's a great option. I'm electronically challenged, so if this question is dumb anyway, would it be possible to have all three controls (input, mix, tone) in an on/off foot switch so you could have a true second mix / 'verb channel ?


Makes you wonder why it has never thought of before,way to go Mel.


Thanks guys. It would work with an onboard reverb, at least in the classic black/silver Fenders, though the pot value might have to be different. As for other amps, it would depend on how the on/off is implemented.

A secondary dwell and/or tone would be an invasive process involving relays and other electronic changes inside the Reverb itself.

Manny, I wouldn't be surprised if other people have noticed this before; it's just that I noticed it in the internet age where I could share it.


seen it. this would be cool if it would just allow a tru-bypass blend of the entire 6G15 instead of just bleeding some of the pan back into the 6G15's signal. I made a buffered fX looper that turns on and off the entire tank signal but that'd be cool to adjust how much wet/dry in the active loop.


Absolutely, Tavo. There's a way to do something, and a good way to do something. This falls into the former category, being simple, expeditious, and functional.

For surf nerds such as myself, being able to control the mix remotely from the tank at all is a big plus, so I'm pretty stoked.

Also, I made a more trad version, using a combo amp footswitch. Same functionality.


PS - Hammerhands, I tried it with my Twin Reverb and it works, though I think a 5K pot would be better suited to the application.


I trust you are going to be hawking these at the Surf Guitar 101 Convention, Mel, right??


Yes, Ric12, as Fritz pointed out, I'll have them at SG101. Doing a pre-SG101 special at $50 each. After they will be $60.

See you there!

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