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Digital alternative to Space Echo?


Years ago I ran guitar and vocals through a Space Echo through a Fender amp and all was groovy.

Now trying to get this going again, I remember the Space Echo being so demanding that while the band was out partying after each show, I was fixing that damned thing for the next night.

Is there anything quite like that in a simpler digital package? It was a simple mic/instrument mixer, preamp, delay & reverb in one. It made mikes sound great through a guitar amp and guitars sound great through a PA.

The boss Space Echo pedal doesn't seem to check off the mic/mixer boxes. Any suggestions for vocal echo?


Hey Tavo, care to weigh in?


The Mystery Brain BS-301 is a great piece of gear, and captures the Space Echo preamp (so well that there's a version with JUST the preamp, which has become an always-on pedal for many here), as well as the delay functionality. It has a permanent home on my pedalboard, though a lot of its neighbors have come and gone.

In terms of "mixer"...the BS-301 certainly gives you control over delay mix. It also has an effects loop so you can put the preamp at the beginning of your pedalchain (where it works best) and the delay section toward the end. But it doesn't have multiple inputs. I assume the input impedance is optimized for hi-Z guitar use, not lo-Z mics, but its designer, Tavo Vega, will no doubt pop in here to address the issue completely.

Assuming you could work out input impedance, I guess there's no reason you couldn't put a small mixer in front of the input.

Other than this very specific Space Echo "emulator", numerous "big-box" pedal delays include tape echo modes - most with stereo inputs and outputs, and compatible with use in mixer aux/effects busses.

This list includes the Strymon Timeline, Empress Echo System, Source Audio Nemesis, and of course the Eventide H9 - all of which are marvels of their kind (though your opinion of tape emulation in any may vary). The Strymon El Capistan remains a lovely, gooey, delicious stereo tape echo emulator. But none of these have integrated "mixers" to accommodate mics and line level simultaneously.

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