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Dig this DM-3


Well I keep imploring Baxter to move Other Equipment up out of the basement up under Other Amps, and make a separate section for stompers -- like this killer clean Boss DM-3 I just reeled in. Pairs up nice w my green Boss trem. Had to get it -- in condition like this for sure. I'm sure there are others but I never see them.

Only wish Boss made a Leslie sim in the classic pedal casing.


you don't find those very often. especially in that good of condition. nice find ! congrats !


That is in really nice shape! In the late '90's or early '00's I bought a couple Boss delays, 2 Maxon delays, a DOD delay and a Memory Man when the word was that the analog BBD chips were discontinued. I needn't have bothered but they are cool pedals anyway. Here's a picture of my DM-3 - it's not as clean as the one you just bought:


I've got two, best vintage echo pedal ever made in my opinion! Have you fixed the 12v to 9v volt operation? simple mod.

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