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Dario Gomez G-Spring…any experience?


Does anyone have any experience with the Dario Gomez G-Spring fender reverb unit copy?


On the surfguitar101 forum the G-Spring has a stellar reputation as a high-quality, great sounding piece of equipment, and when they come up for sale they're usually snapped up within a couple days.


good to know...thanks. I saw some posts on that forum too but other than some rave reviews I couldn't find too much more info...maybe rave reviews is all I need!


I think a G-Spring just sold that was on the Surf Guitar 101 Forum Classifieds. Always have heard great things about the Gomez G-Springs. If you are looking for that super drippy/wet surf tone it doesn't get any better than an outboard tube driven spring tank. However, if you aren't married to the idea of a vintage style outboard unit, there are a couple of pedals out there that get scary close: the Source Audio One Series True Spring Reverb and the EHX Ocean's 11 are amazing and really nail that surf drip. Another non-tube option would be the Surfy Bear Reverb which features a real spring tank but substitutes JFETS for the tubes. Surfy Bears come in 3 or 4 size configurations these days and they really sound great and while not nearly as small as a pedal, are still much more compact than a outboard tube unit. If you must have a vintage '63 Fender style outboard tank (which I totally understand) I would venture to guess that one of the GDP's resident amp builders could probably build you one just as good as a Gomez G-Spring .


Gomez has been defunct for some time. They were all built very well from standard parts, hammond transformers etc. I sold Gomez amps long before I got in the business of making my own. Billy Zoom makes one based on the silver faced fender tank called the lil Kahuna.

Mine is a cork sniffer version of the standard 6G15, fortified to work extra nice w Gretsch guitars. My upgrade version; F-Bomb-TV has a tube preamp boost and tube bias tremolo added to the tube spring reverb.


yeah dario gomez had a good but fairly short run....had a great endorser in eddie bertrand one of the great original surf guitarists

surf players really liked what he was making

aside from t's f bomb and bz's lil kahuna, another great but extremely short lived tank was made by texotica

nothing sounds quite like a tank before the amp...its the sound of classic surf guitar



The Fender 6G15 circuit is fundamentally flawed, and so are the copies.


Need to get my hands on a Kahuna really although the F-Bomb sounds cool too


I sold my Fender tank. I've played surf music for many years, and while the "drip" is nice, I found that the tank thinned out every guitar's sound and put some undesirable hair and compression on the signal, no matter what tubes I tried. Even the clean signal seemed saggy, sluggish, delayed, unresponsive... I never liked it.

I've only listened to online videos of the Gomez. It seemed to be a slight improvement on the original Fender. A bit crisper and more hi-fi, as if in direct response to my criticisms of the 6G15, but I got the feeling that it was essentially the same circuit with small tweaks. The clean signal definitely came through more clearly regardless of mix settings.

Billy's Big Kahuna is the best-sounding front-end tube-driven real spring reverb I've ever heard. I've only listened to videos of that, too, but it just sounds more... attractive, engrossing, complex, multi-dimensional, I don't know what. Almost distractingly good. I'm tempted to say that the sonic difference between the Kahuna and the Fender is like the difference between a Standel 25L15 and a Brownface Pro. If I were doing studio work, I'd grab one in a heartbeat. But it would be one more thing to haul around on a live gig - not an issue in the foreseeable future, unfortunately.

VanAmps and Surfy Bear are good, too.


Tavo, great drip and spread (MOD tank?), but alas, I hear the same qualities that didn't work for me with the original Fender. I guess that means you did an excellent job!


The two best reverbs I've ever heard are the Little Kahuna and the reverb in the RE-301 space echo. They're the only two I can't fault sound-wise. I ended up selling my RE-301 because good delay pedals are a lot less frustrating to use. Still have the Kahuna

Apparently Fender had a silverface reverb unit that actually sounds pretty good; I've never been able to try one myself though


I'm hanging onto my silverface Fender Reverb at least until people realize how awesome they are and the prices skyrocket.

But we guitar players are so stuffy. We like the old one even if it's inferior.


To update I ended up bagging a SurfyBear metal for my needs...love it! Lovely and drippy...definitely the best pedal for that surfy sound I’ve tried or heard.

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