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Custom Pedalboard Build


Just "finished" my new board. I say "finished" because there may be a few mods in the future. I started gathering up some scrap wood in January and began building in February. Built the board then got the parts and built a loop switcher, painted both of them then made some mogami patch cables to connect it all. It's a full on custom job! 8-)

This was my first time doing paint jobs like this and 1st ever attempt at pin striping.

You can view all the pics from the build here --> Link...

Here are a few pics of the board all together.


Nice work cool pinstriping on it, nice touch


Daaaammmmmnnnn!!! That is awesome man!! I thought my pedalboard I put together was good. Yours blows it away! Really, really quality workmanship. You should be proud! Did you secure your pedals via velcro? (Also envious of your Gretsch as well !)


Thanks a lot guys!

Craig - Yes, I used velcro. On the board I first put down some duct tape then stuck the velcro to that. That way I can peel it up and move it without messing up the clear coat. Thank you very much for your kind words.


Thanks guys. Very much appreciated. :)


Cool as all can get, for sure. 8-)


Nice, Homemade gear and equipment is where it at.



I think so as well Bob, though modern computer machining is nice, and in some cases necessary, it gives things a little more soul when they are hand built. The slight imperfections are the fingerprints of our creations and invention.


Wow, nice job.


Outstanding! And it is double extra cool with your guitar and amp.

Thanks for the idea of mounting the velcro to duct tape. I've been reluctant to stick velcro on the pedals...so I think I'll borrow the duct tape idea and try wide painters tape. It should hold the pedal and then peel right off if I want to move one.


Duct tape is a great idea! And, one I wish I had implemented.


Thanks a lot guys, glad you are enjoying it. And thanks for the kind words.

I can't take credit for the duct tape idea, guitar tech's will do that when they want to mount a wireless transmitter to a guitar and not mess up the finish.

Stay tuned for future projects, there is another local song writer/guitar player that wants a custom board built with some hot rod swag. So that'll be my next project. 8-)


i Love it ... now off to Home Depot !!!


Very well done! Painfully tidy! :)


Mark: Insomnia + an OCD complex...



That is simply awesome and inspirational all at once. Gotta start building one of my own soon.

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