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Curt Mangan Guitar Strings


Anybody play them? If so, what are your thoughts.


I was using Mangan Pure Nickels for a while on my Power Tenny, but found they made the low E and A even thunkier sounding with the Powertrons over a shorter period of time so I went back to Nickel plated DiAddario XLs which keep the low E and A brighter for longer. Other than that, I have found the Mangans to be long lasting strings with a nice feel and tone on any of my non-Filtertron guitars. As far as pure nickel plated strings go, GHS Burnished Pure Nickel Rockers IMO, really sound great with any single coils, are easy on the fingers, stay in tune and are pretty long lasting. The GHS Burnished Nickels have less tension and a softer feel than the Big Core Nickel Rockers and the Rollerwound Nickel Rockers and are my go to strings on Teles or any longer (25 1/2") scale guitars.


Dammit Billy. Don't you have some kind of tour to go do or something?


I use them often, but not exclusively. I use the CM 9.5-44 pure nickels on my tele to help with some trickier bending, but use the CM 010 round core pure nickel on pretty much everything else. I have never had an issue with them, although I don't know how often my supplier ("Strings and Beyond") turns over its inventory, so I have been a bit concerned about buying old strings. They don't have sealed packaging on the strings, just old school paper (admittedly, I haven't noticed a problem yet).


I've used them. Direct shipping from their shop in Southwest Colorado to Arizona is next day. Service is excellent, including replacement strings sent out the same day for errors in ordering or damage.

The strings are well made and the "fusion" nickels are quite bright. I do find the winding to be slightly rougher in feel than other brands though.

The round core 80/20 strings sound very good on my Taylor and Fox acoustics.


Thanks for the comments. I ordered a few sets to try. Playing Dunlops at the moment. They're good strings. Nothing about them that really stands out to me but they are good. Read a lot of good things about the Curt Mangans.


I like them alot.. Pure Nickels for the electrics and 80/20 for the acoustics. They seem to last a long time with fine intonation. I need to order some soon btw...


The first strings that ever really turned my crank were DR strings. I know a lot of people claim to have had quality issues with them but I never got a bad set. The only reason I changed to something different is because I was having to change strings about once a week back then and I didn't want to spend the money for the DR strings. I don't play or change strings as often as I did back then so I don't mind spending the extra money on a better string. If the Mangans don't work out I'll probably go back to the DRs. I know Billy Zoom has went into great detail on here about what he uses and why and how he arrived at that decision. I appreciate everything he has to offer and understand what he's saying. I just prefer a round core nickle plated string. As Dennis Miller says "But that's just me. I could be wrong".

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