Other guitar-y things

completed my home practicing rig


Just a couple of weeks ago my new amp arrived and i started thinking about having my guitar always ready-to-play, without annoying my better half with cables and footswitches, spread all over the place. Talking about footswitches....... mine is not heavy enough to stay in place without sliding away or tilting, when get kicked once in a while.....

Other things i wanna have on board for practicing are a tuner, a metronome and a music-player for backing tracks or play-alongs.

Here's what i constructed:


exceed cable stowed away...


Nice rig jmkoeln, I've set up a similar rig with a Boss Katana 100 watt 2x12 amplifier, and a couple of select pedals. I love the new amplifiers with the on board effects, it makes everything a lot easier. Have fun bro!

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