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Cites and ebony boards


Sorry...this has probably been covered before but is ebony Cites exempt if I were to buy a guitar with an ebony board in the US and ship to the UK?


Yes. Rosewood is the problem wood.


And they know how to spot the difference at customs right ?


Well if they don't then tell them it's pine.


But are the horror stories true? Someone makes a mistake...your guitar gets impounded and there’s nothing you can do


The organized crime network known as Ebay Global Shipping impounded a '62 Melody Maker of mine years back.

So even with some relaxation (I heard) of CITES -- not sure what or when-- still say you wanted to buy a Tennessean out of the UK for example ... just can't be done??

I just picked that as an example -- I mean there are so many here why do that-- but you get the idea..

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