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Can an Ebow be fixed?


Simple... Use this: http://www.jamorigin.com/ (Audio to Midi).

Works great, low latency and tracks well. What's been missing ( and why I've used a keyboard for string samples) is the guitar offers no real sustain. Problem solved with the Gizmo. Can now play a stringed instrument that will translate better than keys and an expression wheel. As a guitarist, one can use their natural vibrato (your hands) and a volume pedal for swells. Multitrack 'em, and ya gots yerself an ensemble right there...... Should work well.

In fact, I just bought a Bass 2.0 Gizmo, Mr. Enabler!

ALSO: Looking at fretless basses now. That should help me become a cello. Could hear too much fret clacking in their demos. Better choice to emulate a cello. Or at least that's the idea.

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