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Can an Ebow be fixed?


33 years and I think mine has died.

Pried the bottom off; interesting goop deployment and more to it than one might think, but no insight.

Could be something gone bad in the battery harness, but testing same is destructive.

Also, with Radio Shack gone, where does one get new battery harnesses?


Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't an ebow essentially an eletro magnet with a specific, targeted range?


yes, can very well be battery harness...do a continuity check with a dmm...also make sure there's no oxidation on contacts

last 9v harnesses i got were from radio shack, but i'm sure available at amazon these days..(why radio shack bit the dust anyway...)

hope it works out...i've been meaning to break out mine...buried!! haha



Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't an ebow essentially an eletro magnet with a specific, targeted range?

Well, sure, but there's more to it than meets the initial cynicism. Nother words, I can't make one...

I just looked at a schematic, that's not a difficult device.

Tain't rocket science, I guess, but I don't want to build one. And it LOOKS like if I tear it apart, it's not going back together again.

do a continuity check with a dmm...also make sure there's no oxidation on contacts

Cleaned the contacts. The leads run down into the body of the device; all I have access to which isn't plasticized is the contacts themselves. Where would I check continuity?


from the individual +/- battery contacts to the point they connect to the board...via the red/black wires

as i said, i haven't seen mine in a bit...& thus no recollection of its innards



I've always used a pickup wired straight to a cable to achieve the same effect, but never used it onstage.

I suppose the housing contains the wire that has more than likely broke away, killing the circuit.


I haven't been able to get the topside off to trace the harness leads into the body. They just disappear. There are also exposed coils; I don't know how vulnerable they are to manhandling. The whole thing is poly-gooped in place, top and bottom.

Either Greg Heet didn't want anyone getting them apart, or it was just the easiest way of constructing them. I've dropped a message at the Ebow website to see if they do factory repairs. I'm thinking probably not, and after 33 years I might have to spend the big bucks again. 80.00 back then...now 100.00!


My guess is that it's fine but the switch has worn out.

When I first read the title to this thread I thought you were asking if an Ebow could be fixed to the guitar!


But now you can get that ebow(Plus, is it called?) That will give specific harmonics at the click of a switch.

I used that for some feedback effects on a song. Paired with the right amount of delay and true volume generated feedback, it made for some haunting sounds, but I always wanted one so I could play In A Big Country


Plus Ebow, Greg explains on the site. We're supposed to say it fast. Go ahead, I'll wait.

He says the pun is thoroughly intended. Funny guy...

Yes, I suppose I'll just order one up.


Got it!

Not the sharpest knife in the drawer, I know, it took me a few seconds.

My bass player has one. Pretty nifty tool.


Dhani Harrison seems to be quite fond of them. When he played with the Black Leather Motorcycle Club he used it nearly all the time. Not seen on his new album.


Check MCMOne/MCM Electronics for a new battery clip. Or, find a cheap transistor radio at Goodwill and scavenge one.


Could perhaps be the gods inducing you to graduate to the Gizmotron. Hahaha..........ha?


Business end of Ebow, de-pantsed.


Greg REALLY doesn't want anything to come out of this case. Here's the switch.


Maybe just clean out the corrosion in the contact and give it a whirl?

It's not supposed to be green, is it?


Closer upper.

I mention this because once I pried off the battery door, I was able to see the solder tabs on the back of the switch. By touching the visible ones in pairs with the ewectwodes of the DMM, then moving the switch, I was able to determine that the switch does apparently still work.

Nothing lost by just snipping off the batwy harness and splicing in a new one. But I rather think it's dead, Jim.


Dude, that's my favorite corrosion! That's vintage corrosion!

Anyway, the battery connector makes contact around the outside perimeter of that buttpuppy, which I scraped and sanded fairly assiduously. I tried to give it all the brightenshinies I could.


Sure, a Gizmotron. http://www.gizmotron.com/

Of course I want one. Ugly sucker, ainit. But undeniably cool in effect (to my taste). I wonder if one would still work in 30 years. Moving parts and whatnot. What could go wrong with it? Under 300.00. Yes, I will do this.

What guitar do I put it on? Installing: http://www.gizmotron.com/vi...

If only I could do this. Or had written this:

Gizmotronning @ NAMM: Robert Randolph stymied: http://www.gizmotron.com/vi...


Oh, man! I want one of these... Bad! Funny, I checked this thread out as my ebow died a while ago, so...

Bet ya that thing is killer on a baritone ( get the best of both worlds).

And thru the Vienna String library would sound very cello-like. Between the samples and the sustain, why not, right?

Tim always finds the best toys! All hail the chief enabler of the GDP!


Bye bye keyboard controller. Guitarists can become a string ensemble with this thing. Imagine several voicings across a multitrack in your DAW?


How ya gonna trigger 'em?

All hail the chief enabler

Geez, I dunno. More like the chief sucker, reborn every minute. I always sell myself first. I just don't want the world to run out of cool stuff before I shuffle off.

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