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Buffered pedal - end of chain?


I realize there's a pretty limited audience here to this question but I do know that there are pedal fiends here too Cough Proteus *** Cough


I recently put my ever-growing pedal board onto a Pedal Snake setup

Guitar>>EHX B9>Overdrive>Overdrive>Fuzz>Boost>Catalinbread Reverb>Catalinbread Trem>Boss Tuner>Back to Amp (18+ feet)

I just recently moved the BOSS to the end of the chain because it's buffered (as is the EHX) but the tuning part of the pedal is not going well through 7 other pedals so I want to move it back after the EHX B9.

The question is if any of you put a buffer at the end of your chain, and what works for you?

The buffered BOSS definitely improves the signal but tuning sucks so I'd like to move it up behind the B9 and then put a new end-of-chain buffer before the amp.



I have a buffered tuner at the beginning of my pedal board with a dedicated buffer (made by the guy that makes “Rattlesnake” cables) at the end. No issues here, but I also never go farther than 20’ between the pedal board and amp.

This buffering article from Premier guitar give some basic examples of the wherefores.

Here’s also a link for the dedicated buffer that I have at the end of my pedal chain. You can make a cheaper buffer from circuit diagrams posted on the interwebz, but the Rattlesnake gear is solid.


you probably won't need the extra buffer at the end, the boss will most likely still do that at the beginning.


I know there's not a magic 20' rule and it's likely that I don't need a buffer at the end of the chain, but my perception was that putting it at the end did seem to get a more consistent signal to the goofy digital amp. The tuner just doesn't work at the end of the chain so it's acting as a glorified buffer.

Originally run:

Guitar>EHX(buffered)>TU-2(buffered)>Drive>Drive>Fuzz>Boost>Reverb>Trem>Pedalsnake (~21 feet).


Guitar>EHX(buffered)>Drive>Drive>Fuzz>Boost>Reverb>Trem>TU-2(buffered)>Pedalsnake (~21 feet).

The pedals not marked buffered are all True Bypass, connected by about 6 total feet of patch cabling on the board, so my total is somewhere around 27 feet of cable between guitar and amp.

It's likely a perception issue on my part (hard to define and relatively subjective) but sometimes I just like to ask. LOL


Shoooot - I'm also using a 20' cable, so my total length is about 47 feet. LOL, my math sucks.


I probably just need to move it back. I like this guy's take.


Duh, ok, now i get it. The buffered pedals that I have are doing their job truthfully no matter where they are on the board. There's not going to be significant signal loss between having the BOSS 2nd or last, because the EHX is already buffering, and the 6 feet of cable and true bypass pedals probably aren't going to be enough of a capacitance drain to require one at the end.


Yeah, I hear you. Like you, I didn’t like the flakey tuner behavior with it at the end of the chain. That’s when I added the Rattlesnake at the end. With the dedicated buffer on at the end, I couldn’t hear any difference when I switched the tuner (at the beginning of the chain) between buffered and un-.

I’m guessing that one of my older pedals was still darkening my signal even with the tuner (w/ buffer on) at the beginning of the chain. Having the final, dedicated buffer at the end of the chain fixed that.


I don't know whether you need a buffer or not, but I question the wisdom of putting the reverb before the tremolo, at least if they're ever going to be on at the same time. I think it would sound more "natural" the other way around.


I don't normally run reverb and tremolo at the same time, but if I get there I'll consider flip flopping them.

I've gotten the same question about having the fuzz so deep in the chain, but I have it there for a specific reason (B9->Fuzz = fuzz organ, Fuzz->B9 = crappy)


Ok, now I feel moderately stupid. My reverb pedal is already set with the buffered setting "on". I didn't check it after I got it back from a repair and it had been left on that setting. So the end of my chain has been buffered the whole time!

On the flip side, I did move my reverb after my tremolo to the end of the chain and just goosed it up to 18v. I've got to mark my cables so that I don't fry the rest of my board if I plug it in wrong at a gig though.


I don't know whether you need a buffer or not, but I question the wisdom of putting the reverb before the tremolo, at least if they're ever going to be on at the same time. I think it would sound more "natural" the other way around.

– seadevil

Verb then trem is the order Blackface Fender amp circuits have them.


Why do you think you need a buffer?

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