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Budget Fuzzrite Style Pedal


I know Fuzzrites are Fuzzrites and on a budget it’s unreasonable to think I on a budget but what inexpensive pedal can sort of get The Ventures tone of that era? I’m talking pedals of the price range of Donner, not Boss level.



Mahoney Acid Tone. Usually under a hundred on eBay.


I purchased a Donner fuzz because I didn’t own a fuzz at all and wanted to spend as little cash possible. I’m satisfied with it but find it really needs to be cranked to be heard in a band. Originally a JHS Muffaletta was on my radar but could not justify the expense


Dig the real Mosrite fuzz scene


If you have a soldering iron they're really not very hard to build.


I think the rosac nu-fuzz are similar and amazingly flexible.

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