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Breaking Bigsby News!


The release does mention a move in Bigsby's future, and uses the dreaded "integration", which I have always equated with the Borg-like "Assimilation" (which hopefully will be my only ST-infused comment this year).

But I do have to wonder how many current employees will have the chance to relocate on FMIC's dime?


I'm not sure I like this. We'll give them the benefit of the doubt, but I'm not crazy about huge corporations, their decision-making process, and their beancounters.

– WB

Behind every bad business decision is a person with a spreadsheet.



If you're worried about Fender/FMIC, just ponder that Joe's been there over 40 years. And, he's considered around these parts to be a pretty good guy.


If Fender has "custody" of Bigsby,I wonder if anyone's gonna think about resurrecting Bigsby pedal steels......


There’s some big upside potential with this acquisition. Bigsby parts are impossible to get and the philosophy has been if a part breaks then you need a new unit. I completely understand the 80/20 rule but this is different because there isn’t any competition so I see it as a home run. It would take a lot of time and a lot of hours would have to be invested but from where I’m sitting it would pay off.

Back orders, there have been times when I’ve ordered a B6 and have been told they’re back ordered for four months. Hopefully with FMIC resources the pipeline will be filled with product.

FMIC has the best customer service in the guitar industry, fast friendly knowledgeable people there to help with virtually no wait time when you call which isn’t the case with most companies.

Us consumers don’t have a choice and we have no idea why the Gretsch family sold Bigsby but I hope is was a mutually good deal and I remain optimistic.


I'm with Curt. Fender doesn't have a track record of taking a good thing and f'ing it up, so I don't see what there is to worry about. If anything, I'd expect to see more product, better service, more options. And if I let myself get carried away, I might dare to hope for a line of Bigsby guitars.


Well, after reading WB's recitation of the Guild saga, maybe they don't quite have a spotless record. Still, I think Bigsby is a good fit for them.


Ovation, hamer, genz-benz, swr etc, etc... just sayin'...

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