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Boss DM3… As good as DM2?


Posted as in shipped.. It was express though, it may be here tomoro which is saturday.

(But ill be busy. My sister is getting married :) )


Yep. I feel threatened now. And I think I like it.

– Strummerson

Threat Level now ORANGE!!

– TheNocturneBrain.com

Yep. I feel threatened now. And I think I like it.

– Strummerson

Threat Level now ORANGE!!


OK. I'm positively quaking now!

When do we get a full write-up of this monster? And what does it have to do with Detroit?


Hey that thing looks super clean. Nice score! I may be in the market for one by the end of the day as my TTE crapped out on me yesterday after only about 10 hours or so of use. :( How are you liking it the DM3?


Thanks Jay! Its super clean, one scratch on the top above the 'direct' also the o-ring on the battery door was nice and gooey.

Its really nice, like my AquaPuss i had but nicer. It'll stick around for a while!


Really, whats the deal with the TTE?.. Bummer


Really, whats the deal with the TTE?.. Bummer

– jaycemumford

Really, whats the deal with the TTE?.. Bummer

– jaycemumford

Man it keeps jamming up the tape cartridge. I knew these units were troublesome and require lots of TLC. But I didnt expect failure this early on. Especially given how much I have babied this thing. Gonna lose some $ on this one ...


DM2 is probably the best vintage analog delay pedal, specially its earlier incarnations. DM3 is close in sound to later DM2, but that is different, attempt to be cleaner and more realistic, what at the end spoiled the magic. It is non-sense to expect clarity form DM2, as its magic is not about clarity, but about some thickness and smoothnes than no modern pedal can replicate. DM2 is definitely more desirable pedal than DM3. It's interesting that Boss early digital pedal DD2 is sought after for lesser resolution than any of its later versions. Depending on task, DM2 can add that very nice, organic almost reverb like delay. Some of Ibanez AD80 pedals had similar schematic and IC, but still sound different. For clean delays, with attitude Diamond, Moog and Tsar provide excellent choices. TTE is fantastic tube delay, I have one for very long time and had no complaints at all.


Question Rob....whats your musical paradigm that your opinion is based on. When I'm saying the DM3 is better sounding than the DM2 its based totally off of a rockabilly slapback with a boost or preamp infront of it. It has the ability to not mush or smear out when pushed by hard travis picking/chicken pickin with a filtertron'd gretsch and drive box in front of it.

Modern rock/classic rock guys are ALWAYS gonna say the DM2 is better and it is for that stuff.. But the DM3 trumps it for maintaining that brown organic analog slapback, yet keeps the integrity of the slapback like an RE301 space echo's tape does.

If your post has absolutely nothing to do with grabbing the echo sounds of the Stray Cats, Reverend Horton Heat, etc... then I fully understand. :)


Tavo, you got a pic after the jumpered resistor and diode?..


this is a boss pedal with the mod.. I'll have to dig up a picture of one I did recently, actually a complete resurrection from death.


found it, pay no attention to the giant replacement parts as this was a dead DM-3 I got off ebay..dude totally lied that it worked. I even had to restore the switch. In this one I just did the jumper'd resistor and left the diode to test it against the one I keep on my pedal board that has both diode and resistor jumpered.


Thanks Tavo, about to mod the old girl now!


Success! It works! :D

Thank you Tavo you rock! Also no trouble with the traces lifting, i was quick!

Looks like a factory job!

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