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Black Tape Jazz Guitar strings…waddya know about ‘em?


I'm about to give these a go on my Super 400, probably will need a new nut to fit them.

Anybody play on these? Comments about likes or not, please.

I use Black Tapes on my JC Epi Bass, it'll be interesting to get that same thump at a lighter gauge.


Well, I never heard tell! I remember black tape bass strings from lo these many long decades ago - and I have a set on my Yahaha fretless bass - but I don't remember ever having thought about them for guitar. Unless I'm forgetting, which is perfectly possible.

Turns out there are many options. This google search turned up lots: black nylon tape wound guitar strings.

Gonna have to try some. I'll think of something to put them on. I see white tape too. Hmm.


Back in the old days we called the black tape wound bass strings -- are you ready -----'elephant hairs.. and the super light 7s (guitar strings) spider web

The heaviest 4 string bass set I know of is the RotoSound .115. I thought it was interesting that guitar strings are referred to by the top string likes 10s/11s, and bass sets referred to by lowest string. The lightest set of bass strings are .90 from what I have seen. But there's all sorts of stuff out there.

BTW I have a new set of these of these available, $25 shipped



The Roto TruBass 88 Black Tape are nice, I haven't tried LaBella Deep Talkin'.

The JC uses Long Scale.

LaBella made the guitar set - Jazz Tape 800M.

I shall report back. The Super has been a string challenge over the years. It can twang with the right strings, does great with flats, I think these will bring out another character.


Well...good luck. Do I guess you're looking for the classic darkjazz Wes Montgomery et al thing?

My experience has been that - like most highly distinctive guitar tones - an awful lot must be "in the fingers" (though other muscles as well). I can pick up a jazz guitar a jazz guitarist has just put down - his strings, his amps, his settings - and not sound like a jazz guitarist. And it's more than just the licks, voicings, or phrasing. Just can't get the fundamental tone. If I could, I might have tried to be a jazz guitarist. As it is, I settle for occasionally jazzy.


There is a John Pizzarelli clip on YT where John and his brother on bass start doing a syncopated thing, it's just nuts, filmed in a North NJ Italian restaurant if I were to guess...can't find it, John's got a lot more stuff in the cloud now. It went deep thought somewhere.

But here's this for now...


I had these on my epi Broadway for a while. I think they provided more of an acoustic kind of Sound, which i did like, but I couldn't handle the low tension that good. I always feel less precise with a lower String tension.



John Pizzarelli clip on YT


That's the tone. How we hope it's the strings, huh?


I brave passage into the darkness of Black Tapes, hopefully to come out the other side with something worthy.

We'll see how they do with my tone.


We'll cover you. Good luck.


macca used tapewounds on his hofner bass..you can see them on the rooftop pics....

tapewounds can be flabby...if they don't work out, try some pure nickel flats on round core...like thomastik and pyramid make...very soft on the fingers and low tension..esp thoms

thomastik jazz swings



I've been using T-I for 15 years or so, both the Jazz Swing and the BeBoppers. I haven't tried any of their other offerings. Those two are both super.

The tension will be curious on these, but I figure if the Medium set goes from 14 to 67 it should be like what I do on my old Emperor just accounting for the tape adder comparison to the Bass strings. It's a big guitar with big strings.

Hopefully not too soft a pluck, but the sliding should be fun and noiseless, almost fretless sounding.


I just tried sneaking them onto the Epi Emperor, but they can't span the 4th string to the Frequensator, not enough. Aren't that many string brands left with that length.

The 400 is off to my Tech soon enough.


epi frequensator is cool tailpiece...based both on original tonal design concept and how it looks...but yeah finding long enough string lengths can be an issue



The other thing I do on these two gits, being so large, is to tune up a whole step flat.

Heavier strings, lesser tension sounds great, easier fretting.

At some point I'll take them up a 1/2 step to put some more umph back into them.


Heavy String Full tension is a beast! LOUD. Good thing I play heavy strings often...

Heading off to my Tech later this a.m.

EDIT: We think best when he returns from Holiday. He has a lot in the shop at the moment, unclear why I should leave it, end of the month he'll text me and I'll be one of the his first jobs...

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