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Barber Gain Changer and Direct Drive….thoughts?


I just ordered the latest "SR" versions of these two. I have a Timmy already, but sometimes it's hard to dial in the right tone with my Gretsch guitars. The sounds samples of these two pedals sounded good (don't they all?), and they got really good reviews on a lot of the forums, so I thought I'd give them a try. Anyone have/had them?


I had the Barber LTD for a while, but neither of the two you are getting. It sounded good here at home but I could never seem to get it dialed in properly on gigs. Timmy is on the way here.


I’ve had a Barber Half Gainer on my board for more than 5 years. It’s a dual OD in the Tubescreamer family. I get along great with it, one side set for a little grit & the other set for more.

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